The World God Only Knows – Chapter 120

The goddess conquest continues for Keima! To save his beloved Kanon….

*plays epic BGM*MOE HAKUA IS MOE

Shamelessly stolen from Mangafox. Anyway, today, Keima resumes his search for the goddesses. Well, I have got to say that each chapter is pretty exciting since I am dying to know who the next goddess is.

Markings of a True VN Player

Like any other professional Visual Novel player, Keima maps out all of the girls he plans to re-pimp once again. As expected of the capturing goddess. Yet, one thing bugs me, shouldn’t Hakua be in the list as well? She got possessed after all. Hmm.


Oh god. My weekly dose of Hakua moe. Oh my god. Once again, Keima proves his pimp skills by pimping Hakua out in the name of ” Testing whether Jun Nagase has a goddess”. As expected of Keima. Most epic protaganist of the year.

Wait what?!

Oh…could she be…. *doki doki*


I guess not. One more down. But well, I didn’t expect her to be one so I’m not all that disappointed.

Updated list of HNNNGG

Like any good VN player, Keima constantly monitors his routes and updates them after he has completed a new one. Truely a god. And Minami <3.


Oh god. Minami! I think I just died from double moe goodness. Anyway, Keima once again tests out whether Minami is a goddess. I was hoping she was one since she was one of my favourite characters.


What? She totally forgot? Now that is just… I feel sorry for Keima. I r sad.


Keima escapes with a trollface, just in time. For me, it was kinda touching how he went on to say Good Luck. Keima knows how to care for the girls he has conquered, + points.

So Minami has completely forgotten eh… Sad kami-sama is sad.

Alright, this was a pretty interesting chapter overall. Although I was sad that Minami did not get the limelight in this arc, it was nevertheless heartwarming to re-visit all the girls again. Also, my hypothesis is that all the girls that are goddesses are within his very school and have come into close contact with him even after the conquests. As such, it would be easy to awaken for them. Remember the emblem that appeared after Kanon got stabbed? It probably was a signal (for me that is) that a goddess besides Apollo is nearby after all. Also, Hakua is my waifu.

Happy birthday to me btw. 😀


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2 Responses to The World God Only Knows – Chapter 120

  1. Arabesque says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂

    also yay, manga post.

    ”beloved Kanon”
    Excuse me, need to gag self.




    Can I make a suggestion? I think that having 1 to 2 images (crops or full scans) from the actual chapter (3 tops) would be more ideal to send the message (you can add sub-titles under them for quick comments about those particular pages) and maybe add some fanart/other images. I’d recommend also spreading out your thoughts across the post more (this is just my preference though). Other than that, good start. Oh, and the ruins Apollo sent were already decoded.

    Found here -> Also Diana later on confirms this in manga (chapter 118 I think?) On the actual chapter itself, my guess is that no target in school has a goddess (IMO, Kemia will end up being mostly wrong) and that Kanon will be rescued via other means. But we’ll see.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask how many series will you be covering? Are you taking suggestions? and what sort of genres are your favorites?

    P.S. Don’t read the chapter at Mangafox! Go to Redhawk and download it from there! Don’t support MF!

    • SealedTime says:

      Thanks for your recommendations! I actually downloaded the chapter but I was lazy to upload the individual pages so I just stole em lol.

      Points taken. I’ll try to integrate that in my next post. Eh. The number of series I might cover depends. This is confirmed though. I’ll think about it lol.

      Also, thanks for the well wishes xD

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