Fall Season 2010 – Week 5 Impressions

With the conclusion of the 5th week, I can say this was an improvement over last week in overall episode quality, some series really stepped it up while some remains in a constant level of entertainment. While not as good as week 3, this week was prob one of the best ones currently.

MM! – Episode 5

Mio is god

OP version 2 has amazing little scenes.

Nonsense everywhere! But I think I’ve already written more than enough for this episode. So I leave you with this awesome picture of Mio.

Episode 5 Rating – OVER 3500 (out of 5000)

Bakuman – Episode 5

Whats with all the DBZ love recently?

The series is not what I would call amazing, but every week it delivers the right about of story and character development to keep me wanting to watch more. This time we had a bit more romance comedy thing going and I think this is the first time I’ve heard Azuki talk outside of episode 1. Either way there isnt really much to talk about other than poor Saiko’s mother just cannot get anything to go her way in this series can she? It was funny at first but now im kinda starting to feel bad for me lol…oh well she chose to be a housewife so…

Episode 5 Rating – 4 failed fusions (out of 5)

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 5

TL Note: Plan means Keikaku

While my views on this episode are pretty different from what mikomonday wrote ealier. It doesnt mean that I completely disgree with him and his points (or pretty much every other blogger raging atm). Maybe im being too nice on Kirino, or maybe I just dont really find her annoying for some reason…I mean I find Louise annoying and Kirino not THAT far off from her in the bitch scale, im weird what can I say.

As for the episode, I liked it, I liked it A LOT. In fact this is prob my fav episode after the ep 3 (both are coincidentally the end of their respective light novel volumes). Maybe its because I’ve been spoiled by the light novel summaries posted by Seanver on his blog, but no matter how violent and unfair Kirino acts I cannot seem to label her and put her on my “negative” list. Same goes for Ayase, its obvious she is quite the horrible friend since a true friend would not reject their supposed “best friend”‘s  favourite hobby like she has. I admit  im a sucker for all this serious drama in my animes, i love it every time…I cant really start raging at character’s actions and behaviours when the end result of is so fun to watch! (yes that includes seeing Kyousuke’s reputation plummeting faster than the economy). PLEASE! I WANT MORE OF THIS!

Episode 5 Rating – 4.5 internet rage machines (out of 5)

Shinryaku! Galactic Ika Musume – Episode 5~de geso

Ginga Bishounen aint got SHIT on Galactic Ika

I already got everything I wanted to say about the last segment of this episode off my chest, so i’ll use this time to talk about what else happened in the episode.

The first part was actually pretty damn funny, with the new character that hails from good ol’ USA Cindy Campbell (Nabatame Hitomi). From Eiko trying to talk to her in different languages to Cindy’s fantastic brainwashing tactics to make Ika think she is an alien, the comedy quality on this episode was high, very high.

The second part was also highly entertaining with Ika confusing Eika’s school as a military base and capturing the principal as a hostage to proclaim her conquest. Needless to say once again it was really funny, oh and its the first time I’ve seen Eiko wearing her school uniform. I do wonder what would happen is Ika Musume attended school lol.

ST’s Random Thoughts: Epic episode is epic.

Episode 5 Rating – 4.5 mini-ikas (out of 5)

The World God Only Knows – Episode 5

The hunter is now the hunted

This episode was great, theres so much I wanna talk about that would warrant its own post but i dont have the time for it right now so this will have to do.

The new capture begins! The victim this time, the hottest new idol Nakagawa Kanon! (Toyama Nao). What really set Kanon apart from the other girls from the get go is the fact that so far its actually her that is trying to capture Keima! (to make him her fan that is) and its Keima that has to go on the defensive (by ignoring her). This little role reversal has really made this arc really interesting and im currently trying my hardest not to spoil myself with the manga. Also Kanon can sing, this episode alone comes with 3 insert songs, and they are all great! I wanna get the singles now…

Now, some people seem to have taken a dislike to Kanon because yes…the mere fact that she is so obsessed about only having 1 person not know her to the point of electric-therapy makes her look like a huge self-centered spoiled brat. But much like with Kirino atm…the entertainment value right now is completely off the roof so I cant help but LOVE her right now! I dare say shes my fav capture so far!

ST’s Random Thoughts: Well, if you liked Kanon, she is going to appear pretty often later on, so stay tuned!

Episode 5 Rating – 4.5 BANG BANGs (out of 5)

Motto To Love Ru – Episode 5

Im loving these kinds of eyecatches

You would think I’ve written more than enough for this episode, but I could probably do more….but I wont, I think I’ve fangasmed enough about it for 1 week…lets see what next week brings.

ST’s Random Thoughts: Moe Yami is moe.

Episode 5 Rating – 5 tsunderegasms (out of 5)

Fortune Arterial – Episode 5

Kiriha nekomimi meido? Kinda want...

Another week, another snail pace for Fortune Arterial. Dont get me wrong, the episode itself was not terrible but once again I cannot say that it was totally interesting. This show really is going at its own pace right now and thats not a bad thing i guess, but sometimes it feels like this is a slice of life show when im sure its not.

I will focus on the good things this episode brought though…for example, Kiriha is a pretty decent silent type enigma, and I would love to see her develop more. Of course as an MC of a VN series, Kouhei seems to have started to break her defenses near the end. Maybe im just loving her character design too much, oh well…at least Erica is still as cute as ever so even though Im not terribly excited over this series, I still dont find it bad enough to drop it.

(yes im gonna keep recycling the first paragraph every week until SOMETHING happens).

ST’s Random Thoughts: God. Kanade’s service scene was just HNNGGGGG. Burning of moe. Also, does anyone feel that Kuze is VERY similar to Futami Eriko from Kimikiss? Game claims she’s more like Mai though :3

Episode 5 Rating – 3 neko maids (out of 5)

To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episode 5

Touma is a pretty cool guy eh? Punches lolis and doesnt afraid of anything.

The latest episode of Index concludes this whole church conflicts arc and it concluded it in your usual index fashion. What is the usual index fashion you ask?

  1. Touma moralfags
  2. Enemy attacks Touma
  3. Touma moralfags some more
  4. Touma falcon punches someone
  5. Touma ends in the hospital

So after punching little Agnese in the face at full force….twice; Touma obviously collapses as well and is sent to his favourite hospital room where he must have had as much screen time as his real room. This arc was actually pretty enjoyable for a number of reasons. First of all, Index was actually useful and provided a lot of help…this is something that NEVER happened in the first season (not until the end anyways) so im very thankful to see she is no longer just a pile of flesh. The second reason is that I got a healthy dose of Kugimiya Rie, even if she was playing the “villain” this time around its just always good to hear her voice. (SHANA S3 FUCKING WHEN!?).

Now to what really bothered me…am I the only one who feels dere dere Kanzaki Kaori in the end with Touma in the hospital COMPLETELY out of place? I dont remember a single moment in season 1 that even remotely suggest her developing any feelings for Touma, and if I missed it someone point it out for me because this was just so completely random thats its hard to take it seriously. It wasnt even that cute :\ even though its Itou Shizuka….meh w/e at least science arc is coming next episode, and they always tend to be better than the magic ones anyways

ST’s Random Thoughts: Game’s beloved Shana got beaten up. That’s always a goo…

/me get’s stabbed

Episode 5 Rating – 4 beaten up lolis (out of 5)

And there you have it, after the fifth week ended…I really do wonder if Fortune Arterial will ever get out of 8th place…


  1. Motto To Love Ru
  2. The World God Only Knows
  3. Ore no Imouto
  4. Ika Musume~de geso
  5. To Aru Majutsu no Index II
  6. Bakuman
  7. MM!
  8. Fortune Arterial

Week 6 bring it on!

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4 Responses to Fall Season 2010 – Week 5 Impressions

  1. SealedTime says:

    Added in some of my random afterthoughts xD

  2. Arabesque says:




    You will believe.

    A girl, can fly.

  3. Eater-of-All says:

    Mini-Ika ;_;

    Also, don’t mind Kanzaki; just another one of Touma’s “misfortunes” at work.

  4. Wolfnagi says:

    You could had just watch Hyakka Ryouran for Kugyu dose -.-”
    Its also nice, seeing GAR character turns to loli xD

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