Fall Season 2010 – Week 4 Impressions

The 4th week of the fall season is done, and while this week was not as OMFG AWESOMESAUCE as last ones, it still had some decent showings all around. But its kind of a shame that no show this week got a 5/5 score from me:

MM! – Episode 4

Mio is god


Jesus Mio was trolling so hard this episode, I mean she doesnt even like Tarou that way (yet) but then she goes and…no, just read my full thoughts on it here.

Episode 4 Rating – 4.5 troll dates (out of 5)


Bakuman – Episode 4

Mangakas hard at work

Episode 4 of Bakuman continues the quest of Saiko and Shujin to become mangakas and get an anime by the time they are 18. It also continues the display of MANLY SPIRIT needed to create manga. But I have to admit, this episode really opened my eyes to the incredibly hard job that is creating a true manga….there are A LOT of steps required for a single page, holy shit respect to all mangakas out there.

I also lol’d at the poor mother again, it seems she just cannot make her opinions matter in her home anymore, oh well thats what she gets for becoming a housewife.

Episode 4 Rating – 4 ink pens (out of 5)


Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 4

My misunderstanding can't possibly be this socially destructive

This episode was like…lolwat. But whatever Ayase time is coming, im sure everyone will be surprised with what is to come (Evil Laugh). You can read the full entry on this episode by miko.monday here.

Episode 4 Rating – 4 unfortunate accidents (out of 5)


Shinryaku! Ika Musume – Episode 4~de geso

Holy shit nightmare fuel..

This episode of Ika Musume continues its usual high quality comedy routines, there is not much to say about it this but I can summarize it the following way:

Part 1 – SHRIMP EVERYWHERE! But seriously that shrimp costume was just freaking hilarious…Sanae is fucking creepy…

Part 2 – Home alone, we see the human’s house from the inside for the 1st time.

Part 3 – Probably the best part with the giant head Ika Musume, specially version 2 spitting ingredients from all over her face…golden.

Episode 4 Rating – 4 nightmare heads (out of 5)


The World God Only Knows – Episode 4

Sorry, it had to be done.

LOL whats with this episode? Basically Keima decides to tackle this super buggy and glitchy game, and his method of trying to get past this endless recursion of time going on inside is trial and error for ALL POSSIBLE OPTIONS. As a programmer myself, I know that trying to debug a program where everything branches into wider options is probably one of the most frustrating and annoying things to do ever…so points for Keima and his dedication to follow through to the end.

So while this was a very funny episode, it really didnt have much substance and for a while it almost took me back to the glory of summer 2009 and the endless summer fun of Endless Eight, so thank you for that MANGLOBE…

Episode 4 Rating – 4 endless loops (out of 5)


Motto To Love Ru – Episode 4

Yabuki, fuck you and your god hands

I already made a full entry on this, but to say that this episode of To Love Ru was too much for my body to handle would be an understatement.

Episode 4 Rating – 4 eargasms (out of 5)


Fortune Arterial – Episode 4

She wants to suck

Another week, another snail pace for Fortune Arterial. Dont get me wrong, the episode itself was not terrible but once again I cannot say that it was totally interesting. This show really is going at its own pace right now and thats not a bad thing i guess, but sometimes it feels like this is a slice of life show when im sure its not.

I will focus on the good things this episode brought though…for example, Erica is freaking adorable sometimes and I wanna see more of her, but im sure that will come with time. While the pace is slow, they keep trying to keep it intriguing since I myself am dying to know what Iori is plotting right now.  Oh yeah 1 more thing, Iori is 100s of years old, but Erica is only 16? wtf man what were their parents doing all that time?

Episode 4 Rating – 3 bored vampires (out of 5)


To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episode 4

No real nuns were harmed during the making of this episode

FREAKING LOL! Man this week’s episode of index really brought it now, this show is finally getting good! Its hilarious how Touma can go on and preach his morals everywhere but when it comes down to it he is not even afraid to punch nuns straight in the face. And the funniest thing is that Touma is not the worst here…I mean this whole episode would send the Vatican into a panic with nuns being punches, slashed, burned, traumatized, etc… But you know what? I LOVE IT!

Also it seems my prayers were answered, Index is now officially a character worth seeing…maybe now Touma will realize she is not such a defenseless little loli after all; if only the show actually focused on her a little more…you know, main character rights and all.

Episode 4 Rating – 4.5 violation of women’s rights (out of 5)

And there you have it, after the fourth week ended…the shows continue steady. As for how the shows stacked up this week, well:

  1. MM!
  2. To Aru Majutsu no Index II
  3. Ore no Imouto
  4. Motto To Love Ru
  5. Ika Musume~de geso
  6. The World God Only Knows
  7. Bakuman
  8. Fortune Arterial

Week 5 is now underway.

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