Motto To LOVE Ru Episode 4 – Double Twin-Tails

For a change of pace, I feel like I need to blog this episode of To Love Ru, while this is definitely not the type of series I would usually watch (and even more enjoy) I find myself pretty surprised to see how much I actually am liking this. Who is to blame for this? Is it because the characters look so freaking pretty? Yeah I thought so too…anyways about the actual episode.

You know you have yourself a good episode when it starts with a Yami centered story, and this 1st part is nothing more that good Yami fanservice of different kinds, and I couldnt have asked for more. Basically we can call this “Yami’s fashion show”

Yeah...I'd be impatient to see how she looks in casual clothing too...

So basically, here is when the episode decided to give me consecutive cardiac attacks…it doesnt really help that I seem to have a relatively low defense to blonde characters recently.


Seriously? I mean Yami already possesses an awesome character design in default mode and now you go ahead and increase her powerlevels with twin tails? Thats just cheating man…

Oh yeah somewhere along the way there was trouble and Yami saves the day, she rips her clothes and goes back to her black dress (IM TOTALLY OK WITH THIS). Of course it seems her dress has gone though some “internal” changes which is confirmed with a Saten-grade skirt flip. Too bad Rito is always in the way…

This may not be Nagato epic, but damn does it come close

The second part of the episode requires Lala and Haruna to switch bodies, I have to admit seeing Haruna act like Lala and vice versa is pretty freaking mindfuck.

Has the original Lala EVER gone red like that? And has the original Haruna EVER smiled like that?

I mean I like Lala and all but there is something….something about the mix of her looks and Haruna’s more timid attitude that really hits the spot…I really would not mind seeing more “serious” Lala, its pretty damn cute.

Its Shana S - Reshuffle ALL OVER AGAIN!

Thats all I have to say for the second part, however I do have to comment that the ghost girl Murasame Oshizu also packs a powerful look…it doesnt help that she is voiced by the awesome Noto Mamiko. If she was the main of a different series….i’d probably watch it.

And then comes the final part of the episode, which re-introduces Lala’s twin sisters Nana (another twin tail) and Momo (short hair).

Deviluke's bloodline, how does it work?

Now I’ve read the 1st chapter of the new To LOVE-Ru Darkness manga so im familiar with these two…and specially the kind of shit Momo can pull off. It is because I know of what she can do that when I saw that they casted both Toyosaki Aki (Momo) and Itou Kanae (Nana) that I was afraid of the kinds of damage my brain would suffer…and well…

In this case it was my body...that was not ready

I will never again think of the words “twin tails” the same after this…seriously, I’ve heard plenty of both Itou and Toyosaki roles in recent animes but this scene right here was just killer (no…dont mention Qwaser to me). It doesnt help that the only thing I could think of was Serizawa Fumino and Hirasawa Yui raping each other…goddamn I will never wash my ears again.

Thats all I have to say for this episode, while there was SERIOUS lack of Yui this week, there was enough Yami to compensate, Nana and Momo’s little wrestling match was an added bonus I wasnt expecting…but before I end this post, 1 more Yami pic:

Nice censoring there Japan....

Episode 4 Rating – 4 twin-tails (out of 5)

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6 Responses to Motto To LOVE Ru Episode 4 – Double Twin-Tails

  1. SealedTime says:

    Have you finally understood my feelings when I became a Yamifag?

  2. miko.monday says:

    double twintails all the way across the sky

    so intense.

  3. john says:

    me gusto mucho ver esto es lo mejor que e visto en mi vida y para mi la mas bonita es lala y yami

  4. If you like To-love-ru go try the flash games (it is really fun)

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