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Kihihihihi, time for a review with ST. Well, if you have noticed, my previous post stated that I would be doing a review on Jubei, however, this has to be canceled temporarily as I have yet to engage in a camwhoring session with her. Well, as such, I will be reviewing my most recent purchase bsides Jubei, Alter’s Momohime. I think she came out in September, I can’t really remember clearly but it is a recent figure. Well, enough of the introduction, let’s have a look at her!

Note: All pictures are taken from my iPhone 3GS. While every effort has been made to ensure quality, the camera ultimately sucks and can only deliver that much. Do pardon the bad pictures, if any.

I regret to inform you that I have not taken the picture of the box before opening it. I’m still regretting it at the moment ;_;. So I will be jumping straight into the figure itself. I’ll be letting the pictures do the talking and I will be giving comments after that.

Presenting Momohime from Muramasa: The Demon Blade 😀

The final picture isn’t mine by the way. Anyways, on with my thoughts on Momohime. Well, she is awesome overall in every aspect. Alter has done it again and delivered top tier awesome quality figurines. Everything, from the sword to the base is nicely detailed. The intricate design of the sword and the dynamic base is something which is a certain plus point for me. The sheathe of the sword is nicely detailed like Jubei’s ones, ad the kimono is just win. Fuck win.

Well,how about the facial expression then? She has this serious, piss-me-off-and-you-die look but it really does bring out the character of Muramasa with the cute kawaii moe Momohime. Also, another commendable feat by Alter is the dynamic pose that they have adopted for Momohime. Seriously, it’s awesome, hands down.

Nextly, the base, oh god. I was initially afraid of weight issues due to it being extremely small, but boy, was I wrong. Not only was it fantastically crafted, but it holds Momohime extremely firmly and does not even make her topple over with time. Awesome compared to Alter Mio. *cough*

If you take a look at the last pic, you would have seen that Alter actually gives you two ways to customise your Momohime. One with a sheathed sword while the other with the Sword ready for some pwnage. I decided to go ahead with the sword pwning version since it does bring out the GAR-ness of the figure. Yeah, you know. GARRR.

Once again, I can’t stress how awesome this figure is. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it fits Muramasa-Momohime really well, and I would give 5/5 for this. No doubt about it.

Well, that’s that. This is my first time actually doing a review so I would appreciate if you give constructive feedback on what areas I should cover, am lacking on, and what you would like to see. Do not ask for a better camera as I have insufficient funds lol. That’s that , and I’ll post here when I have free time again. See ya 😀

P.S. She wears a fudoshi or something like that, a cloth, no pantsu

P.S. 1 : NO, I will not do pantsu shots. It’s just a fyi thingy 😀


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4 Responses to Alter – Momohime

  1. Arabesuqe says:

    First of all congrats on your review 🙂

    I didn’t mind the picture quality at all, however you might consider resizing them into smaller images. The lighting could a bit of work (it’s not horrid, but it’s better to take images with more light source) You do gain my respect for not taking any upskirt shoot lol

    The review was good, though I felt that you made her flawless lol I mean your making it out as the best figure ever (which might be how you feel about it, but I think that it’s best to try and provide some sort of drawbacks)

    Other than that, I’d love to see a recurring mascot with these figure reviews , a figure you’d use to give the piece a thumbs up/down.

    Good work, hope to see more.

    Oh and one last thing
    “I have yet to engage in a camwhoring session with her.”



    • SealedTime says:

      Ah thanks. I have taken note of that. Well, limitations eh. I’ll keep that in mind thanks.

      Also, since it’s my first time dealing with WordPress, I noticed how some of the images spilled over to the site. I’m sorry about that. Game dealt with it. Well. Yeah.

      Actually, for the pictures, I tried to utilise natural sunlight to take the pictures but I don’t think it really came out well. I don’t really have professional photographing equipment, but thanks for the comments. I’ll try my best to play with the lighting a little.

      Hmm, Mascots eh. I have my Azu-nyan Nendoroid. *evil laughter*

      Thanks for the feedback! It helps a lot 😀

  2. Game8910 says:

    yay figures….Mio by alter when?

    • SealedTime says:

      When I have the mood to take pictures of her lol. Not mcuh of a motivation since she’s already 9 months old and has been lying on my shelf since forever D:

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