Introduction post ftw.

Ahem, anyways, well, I am ST, and most of the Baka-Wolf people should know me. I was forced by Gameless to post in an effort to increase his blog views so as to boost his ego.

No, not really. Lol. Basically, since Game’s covering impressions and striker (mikomonday) is doing graphic stuff and occasional reviews, I will be doing figure reviews, manga occasionally and JRPG reviews, mainly those that I play, such as the Persona series and the Tales of series. I am currently playing Tales of Graces and Kingdom Hearts : BbS at the moment, I did complete BbS but I got thrashed by MF.

Well, enough with the games. My main focus on this blog will be Figures. Since i r an Alter-fag, most of the figures that you will be seeing me review are from Alter, with the occasional Good Smile Product. I will probably be doing up a review soon on Jubei from Hyakka Ryouran.

So enough of that, who is ST? I am from Singapore and like Game, am an admin on Baka Wolf. I’ve known Game and striker for a year or so now, and Game bought me for 11 pathetic dollars back in the good ol’ days. I am also shamelessly abusing his awesome premium MegaUpload : D I have been watching animu for around seven years now, starting from when I was about 6, with Digimon, and Sakura when I was 7. I’m 17 now, so actually, it translates to about a decade of being a fan. I am turned off by horror and gore, and invite shows with comedy.

So that’s that, let’s all get along. It’s not like I want to okay? Don’t get me wrong!


About Gif Miku Pls

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19 Responses to Ossu~

  1. mikomonday says:

    get skype lol.

  2. mikomonday says:

    youre gonna be missing out on the group watches then lol.

    not very cooperative are ya 😀

  3. Game8910 says:

    ST’s timeline is totally different from ours….its freaking morning (afternoon?) for him right now.

  4. mikomonday says:

    tsk tsk

    I wanna see fig reviews anyways lol

  5. SealedTime says:

    It’s 2 o’clock pm over here lol.

  6. Arabesque says:

    Huh, you seem to be adding a lot of writers to your blog recently (and you postage has increased as well)

  7. SealedTime says:

    It’s all part of his evil plot to increase views.

  8. Wolfnagi says:

    So game is back at blogging and he got someone to helped him too…….

  9. Pandadice says:

    Ahahaha. So you’ve finally formulated a solid team. Now our blog, atv-oni-ota, finally has a worthy rival. Let us duel to the ends of the anime industry, besting each other’s efforts to be the ultimate blog! Consider this your formal warning/invitation.

    Now I must return to my bloglands, to light the fiery passion of blogging within the soles of my blogger comrades!

  10. Pandadice says:

    Well, it’s not exactly my blog. I just arbitrarily participate every now and then. It was started by Onion, Atvrcr, and Otaku Supreme, but Otaku Supreme moved and isn’t really around much. So it’s mainly atv and Onion’s blog. but they asked me if i wanted to contribute to it, so i do that sometimes.

  11. SealedTime says:

    Lol thanks for the compliment Panda. 😀

  12. Arabesque says:

    disappointing fight, no one got hurt and power of friendship cop out ending.

    at least the popcorn was good

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