OFFICIAL Fall Season Week 3 Character Power Rankings

Another week over, another new ranking, week 2 saw some new people making the chart, but this week was specially difficult due to how awesome so many of these episodes were. Its also lol worthy seeing how Ika Musume seems to have gotten the 7th rank for 3 weeks in a row, not a bad placement imo. For the third week, this is how the rest stacked up.

(Episode 4s are not considered for this)

Current Rank Previous Rank Character Name Series Name Reason Pos. Change
1 2 Kousaka Kirino
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai THOSE TEARS MAN!! ;A; +1
2 Kousaka Kyousuke
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai The Ultimate BROther, saved the “little sister”. +9
3 4 Katsuragi Keima
The World God Only Knows Tsundere catcher, he can see the ending. +1
4 9 Kotegawa Yui
Motto To Love Ru Protect against the shameless +5
5 6 Usurugi Mio
MM! Super cosplay goddess. +1
6 Sado Tarou
MM! Not exactly Morino Ryoushi, but not bad. +5
7 7 Ika Musume
Shinryaku! Ika Musume 777  JACKPOT 0
8 Yuusaki Riko (Yuuki Rito)
Motto To Love Ru What is this I dont even! +3
9 5 Konjiki no Yami
Motto To Love Ru Not enough of her in ep 3! -4
10 Arashiko Yuuno
MM! Pity votes worked this week. +1

Newcomers this week are Yuuno from MM! whose unlucky circumstances finally reached me and made me give her the last spot due to pity. A more reason entry into this table is MM!’s male lead Tarou who showed a great display of receiving punishment before taking down the boss with Mio’s help (but made Mio look cooler than him in the end lol). The final new spot was freaking hell, I mean how the hell can you make Rito look so awesome!? wtf man no fair! Is is gay to like Riko or not? someone tell me this.

After 2 weeks of being overshadowed just barely, Kirino finally manages to clinch to top spot, but almost loses it again to her own brother Kyousuke who showed balls of concrete going up against GENDO dad in OreImo 3. Keima, while performing his epic duties as usual, did not really leave as much “wow” as with Ayumi in TWGOK so 3rd place is all I could give him. Oh yeah Yui is back to 4 after ep 3 ❤

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