Fall Season 2010 – Week 3 Impressions

Whoa what happened this week? Suddenly almost every show this week goes all out and delivers epic quality episodes all over the place. I dont recall an anime week were I thought “holy crap best episode yet” for pretty much all the shows i’ve seen in 1 go…but alas this was the case for many of the series here. Confirmed as best anime season in a long time? I’d say so:

MM! – Episode 3

Mio is god


You know this show is getting better every episode…but I already wrote a full blog on it so you can read it here.

Episode 3 Rating – 5 transfer students (out of 5)


Bakuman – Episode 3

True manly spirit all over this show!

The third episode of Bakuman continues to deliver so rather nice entertainment and im honestly loving this whole “becoming a mangaka” plot so far. For this week the main wow factor for me was the fact that the woman Moritaka’s uncle was in love with turned out to be Azuki’s mother, Azuki Miyuki who is voiced by legendary Inoue Kikuko.

After paying her a visit and now even having her blessing for their success and even what it seems to be the rights to her daughter (lol totally not objectified her there) this seems like a huge morale boost for the duo. Cant wait to see what kind of manga they decide to make.

Episode 3 Rating – 4.5 manly devotion (out of 5)


Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 3

honestly...greatest line in the show

If there is any show this week where shit got just so real it just broke all sense of “epic”, its this series. I am probably not alone when I say this episode could’ve been the finale and I would have not minded it at all, from skipping the OP, having an awesome climax, to playing the OP with the ED credits rolling…it all seriously made me think this was episode 12 or 13 (or whoever long this series will be). Also not to mention that Kirino showing her first sign of true dere was probably more “hnnnnnng” inducing than anything else this season so far.

There is a full episode entry by mikomonday for this episode as well, so you can go read it here.

Episode 3 Rating – 5 saved “little sisters” (out of 5)


Shinryaku! Ika Musume – Episode 3~de geso

Holy shit look at Goro's face LOL

Episode 3 of Ika Musume was without a doubt the funniest one of the bunch so far, I was a bit worried when ep 2 didnt feel as funny as ep 1 but this one renewed my hopes in this being a dark horse of the season. The whole first part trying to scare Ika with ghost only for her to counter troll them with her glow was pure hilarity, most because of how scared Goro was (see image). The second part kinda reversed the roles with Ika being scared shitless of the inflatable whales and sharks and not realizing they were real. Also trying to swim without her tentacles is just…moe. The last we are introduced to a new character named Saito Nagia (Kataoka Azusa) and for a nice change of pace, we finally have someone treating Ika with the fear she rightfully deserves! And this change is also a delight for her as much as the viewer.

Man this show (just like MM!) is proving to be more entertaining than I had originally anticipated, lets hope it continues this way.

Episode 3 Rating – 4.5 cursed waves (out of 5)


The World God Only Knows – Episode 3

God said, let there be harem. And a harem was born in the world.

This is a show that keeps on delivering, Keima once again proves the strength of his gal-game training and officially captures the tsundere. If Keima was magister magi, Negi would have a worthy rival in Keima, seriously this is pretty much the same as “lets make a pactio – the anime”. While I liked Ayumi’s scenario more than Mio’s, this episode was still high tier material, I loved seeing Keima pedaling Mio to school in ridiculous carriages (was that more zaku head I saw there?) and Mio’s slow “dere”ing to him.

What made the episode better than I had expected was the little part on Mio’s past with her father, it wasnt really “amazing” but it made me understand her actions a bit more, add to that that fact that the soundtrack of this series is pretty much one of my favourites this season, and you have yourself a lot of epic moments. Oh yeah also Elcee in that dress = hnnnnnnnnnng. Another week, another awesome episode; and while OreImo 3 did triumph over this this time, this show is still my favourite for now (just barely).

Episode 3 Rating – 5 tsundere captures (out of 5)


Motto To Love Ru – Episode 3


This episode of TLR was great, in fact it might deserve its own post! (might actually do it…) The main reason was because yay so much Yui this week! ❤ She is a pretty good tsundere and well…fucking Yabuki designs man, I cant stop loving them. There isnt really much to say about the second part but it was the last part that made me lol.

So who knew, Rito genderbending results in something amazing…first MM! pulls off Tatsukichi but in this case Riko and Rito only have some slight differences in design yet the small (or not so small) “details” can turn a guy into an attractive girl? I fucking hate anime… orz

Episode 3 Rating – 4 genderbenders (out of 5)


Fortune Arterial – Episode 3

Hard to follow that when you look like that bitch!

Episode 3 of fortune arterial was probably the best episode yet of the series, but that doesnt mean it was “great”. I already mentioned the snail pace this show is moving at and the first half of this episode doesnt do anything to change that. While im not condemning the show for this (yet) since I do know VNs start slow I am starting to get a bit impatient about when shit will start going down.

Granted the second half was MUCH more interesting with the Sendou siblings finally revealing to MC (cant remember his name yet) they are vampires, but it doesnt seem like Ioiri isnt an antagonist or anything so I dont know what to expect at this point. The whole deal with  erasing memories was not bad, but some parts felt very very cliched and it just didnt seem to absorb me well enough…But im not giving up on this yet, there MUST be a reason why this was acclaimed as one of the best Visual Novels of 2008, and while I dont think the anime has changed the story around a lot (someone who played the VN please verify this for me) I still havent seen much to justify that achievement. Only time will tell though (please dont force me to play the VN).

Episode 3 Rating – 3.5 memory wipes (out of 5)


To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episode 3

I will allow it, cause you actually did something!

Well shit, index is not so useless anymore this time around is she? he spell interception works wonders and its cool to see her pull it off. Also props to Touma for that awesome double team with Stiyl, well played. So after some pretty decent action and the usual Index technobabble, I can officially say Index has once again gotten pretty interesting with this whole church and religions conflict.

I dont have much else to say about this other than hoping for some more badass Touma and awesome magic action.

Episode 3 Rating – 4 roman catholics (out of 5)

And there you have it, after the third week ended…most of the series have started to get pretty darn good. As for how the shows stacked up this week, well:


  1. Ore no Imouto
  2. The World God Only Knows
  3. MM!
  4. Bakuman
  5. Ika Musume~de geso
  6. Motto To Love Ru
  7. To Aru Majutsu no Index II
  8. Fortune Arterial

I hope week 4 delivers just as good.

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8 Responses to Fall Season 2010 – Week 3 Impressions

  1. Pandadice says:

    So you’re not doing Panty or Star Driver?

  2. Game8910 says:

    no…star driver is too FABULOUS for me and im not even gonna come close to P&S

  3. Pandadice says:

    Mm.. interesting. Yeah, I’m fearing that Star Driver is even more homosexual than Code Geass, so I’m seriously considering skipping on it.. But it’s got Yutaka Nakamura doing the action, and Shinichiro Watanabe worked on the OP v_v.. Why must they waste such awesome talent on such a fujoshi-pandering show! GUess I’ll just have to be content with watching the OP on youtube, and hope that when the series is finished someone can compile a MAD of Yutaka’s scenes :\

  4. Eater-of-All says:

    Woah, I was gone for a week and what happened to you Game? You’re actually making posts!

    Also, “greatest line in the show” QFT

  5. MidnightTide says:

    No sora no otoshimono forte love?

    (and MM episode 4 is good as well, though if any country goes to war with Japan, just introduce a cold virus to the general population)

  6. SealedTime says:

    I lol’d at Ika Musume real bad, and even more now after you pointed out how awesome Failro’s face looked lawl.

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