Fall Season 2010 – Week 2 Impressions

The second week of the fall season is done and over with, as as the third episodes of the series are now coming out, its time for me to once again leave my impressions on how the shows stacked up last week. My expectations for week 2 are as follows:

MM! – Episode 2

Mio is god

HOLY MOTHER OF ALL TRAPS! Can he now be considered 2 different characters?

The first thing that bugged a bit by this episode was the lack of Mio, but instead we got to see Yuuno shine instead and I have to admit myself despite her very bizarre androphobia…she is kinda cute as well. But what really made this episode amazing was Tatsukichi, seriously wow…being praised for looking so nice as a girl must’ve summoned some kind of spirit cause his new personality when in “she” mode is just truly…hilarious. Arrogant, self-absorbed, narcissist, and with balls of fucking steel! I have to applaud him for having the guts to verbally attack Mio AND groping her chest while doing so.

We are also introduced to a new character in the end called Mamiya Yumi (she must’ve moved to the MM! city after she got fed up with zombies in Highschool of the Dead). According to the OP she might have a thing for our epic trap, cant wait to see.

Episode 2 Rating – 4 trap ojou-samas (out of 5)

Bakuman – Episode 2

Damn right bitch! When is dinner gonna be ready?

The second episode of Bakuman doesnt do much really, its mostly Moritaka (now called Saiko) enforcing his wishes to become a manga artist and trying to get approval of his parents. Its funny how the subject of his uncle’s death keep coming up since he says its suicide and the family says it was overwork; I have a feeling that once Saiko and Shujin (Takagi) get to their newly acquired studio they might learn what really happened to him…but thats me.

Episode 2 Rating – 4 denied mothers (out of 5)

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 2

No seriously...this is how all moefag vs deepfag discussions go on /a/

Episode 2 of OreImo once again delives high on the entertainment field. This time its a visit to Akiba to find Kirino some new otaku friends, and obviously Kyousuke is forced to come along, man why isnt my sister an extreme otaku fashion model? I wanna go there too. It was actually kinda weird seeing how the other girls in the reunion didnt talk to Kirino because apparently she was stylin’ too hard on them…WTF Japan. Either way the highlight of the episode is definitely the Kirino vs Kuroneko (voiced by Hanazawa Kana) debate, it seriously plays exactly like most recent complains the people who want animes with serious plot, characterization, art, etc…have about the recent influx of moe-based shows and slice of life. They didnt even cut out on the insulting so watching this was just truly hilarity because /a/ is just like this sometimes. They visits to the shops was also hilarious since its true that many moe shows gets a crapload of h-doujinshi for adult males while the more serious series with male characters tend to become fujoshi fangirl territory (specially in the shounen genre). Either way this episode nailed a lot of points on the complex world of otakuness, serious business.

Episode 2 Rating – 4.5 moefags (out of 5)

Shinryaku! Ika Musume – Episode 2~de geso

what is this I dont even.jpg

Episode 2 of Ika Musume continues to deliver some good quality comedy and even better quality of “OH GOD SO MOE ~de geso”. On the second episode we are introduced to Arashimaya Goro (voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi) the lifesaver, and his deep love for the sea and helping others was kind of a contrast to Ika Musume’s love for the sea, but total hate for humanity. The second part was not much to comment on, mostly Ika trying to celebrate her newly self appointed birthday, it was the last part that was really entertaining with a new character Sagatsuki Sanae (Itou Kanae) who seems to have taken a rather interesting liking to poor Ika. I can say with all confidence however that her cosplaying abilities are high, very high~de geso.

Episode 2 Rating – 3.5 cosplays pictures (out of 5)

The World God Only Knows – Episode 2

I see what you fucking did there.

This series impressed me greatly on its first episode, and I was wondering if the second episode had the potential to continue with this momentum, and I am glad to say that I was not disappointed at all! The second episode of TWGOK was just plain hilarious all the way. With Keima trying to teach Elcee the truths behind what makes a good imouto (BMW) and the inner workings of a true tsundere. But to me this episode was all about Elcee, she truly and totally killed me with her incredibly high levels of moe this time around…Kanae Itou can be dangerous sometimes. It was also hilarious seeing her “accidentally” ruin Keima’s family with her “illegitimate daughter” line, man thats gotta suck for Keima lol

The second part of the episode is used to introduce the new unfortunate capture for Keima, Aoyama Mio (Yuuki, Aoi, also yet another Mio on this season lol) who at first glance seems to come off as the rich ojou-sama type tsundere but after seeing Keima’s tsundere approach fail so miserably…I do wonder if she really is one. The fact that she is faking her wealth is also very interesting, once again this series proved to be the most fun to watch for me this season…if this goes on this anime can end up ranking high on my list in the near future.

Episode 2 Rating – 5 divorced couples (out of 5)

Motto To Love Ru – Episode 2

Why is this guy so unbelievably unlucky?

The second episode of To Love Ru was much like the first one, there was fanservice, there was censoring, there was comedy. For some weird reason this kind of fanservice no longer seems to bother me much anymore…could Seitokai Yakuindomo have done something to me? Oh well either way this episode was pretty enjoyable.

What really got me by surprise was the way Hanazawa, Kana voices Yuuki Mikan, this is seriously the first time I’ve heard her shout out such a tsundere-like line in such an incredibly good manner. She should seriously voice a tsundere in the future, it would probably be amazing. Also I cannot forget…Yami and Yui are ❤

Episode 2 Rating – 3.5 bathtubs (out of 5)

Fortune Arterial – Episode 2

Oh look its THAT seat again...

The second episode of Fortune Arterial was like watching an episode of Aria, but without the feeling of relaxation but still just as sleep inducing! While this episode was just truly uneventful and boring at times, I realize visual novels tend to start out slow so im not really going to condemn the show yet, I realize there is potential for awesome in the future. Its also hard to not like the newly introduced character Kuze Kiriha (voiced by Narumi Erika which I dont really know much), she reminds me so much of Kawasumi Mai, and Mai is pretty much one of my all time favourite characters so I will keep my hopes up for this series. Oh yeah Erica is still pretty cute.

Episode 2 Rating – 2 lost bunnies (out of 5)

To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episode 2


The second episode of Index II, as I expected, really starts to kick things of with the new plot; and while it continues its trend of massive exposition this somehow doesnt feel as bad anymore for some reason…its probably due to the fact that this is actually interesting stuff now. This episode also marks the first ever appearance of MOTHERFUCKING KUGIMIYA RIE! in the Raildex-verse, wtf JC Staff it sure took you a long time to add her into this show! With that asside, she plays the very very loli Anieze Sanctis, a battle loli nun which may fit her in the end, we’ll see…

Oh guess what! Index is actually being useful again! wow I never thought I’d see the day, if she continues being this way I may actually start to see her as a main character in the series now! Episode 3 looks to be action filled from the preview, cannot wait!

Episode 2 Rating – 4 naked lolis (out of 5)

And there you have it, after the second week ended…I’ve yet to regret picking up any of these shows so everything is in good shape. As for how the shows stacked up this week, well:


  1. The World God Only Knows
  2. Ore no Imouto
  3. To Aru Majutsu no Index II
  4. MM!
  5. Bakuman
  6. Ika Musume~geso
  7. Motto To Love Ru
  8. Fortune Arterial

Week 3 will be amazing, I know it.

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