Top 5 Favourite OP/ED – Fall 2010 Edition

This list took longer than I thought…there are some really really good OP/EDs this season. Main reason is also because my top 3 fav anime OP/ED singers are all involved in this current season. Anyways here is the list starting with EDs:

5. Motto To Love Ru – “Baby Baby Love” by Tomatsu Haruka

While the video is nothing but still frames with credits, the song is rather nice though and Tomatsu Haruka has always been a good singer.

4. The World God Only Knows – “Koi no Shirushi” by Taketatsu Ayana

Taketatsu Ayana is everywhere this season whether it is doing character or singing OP/EDs…seriously how can she fit all this in the schedule? Anyways I actually like this song, its pretty catchy (specially the chorus). However this is only a temporary ED since the series will change it every new story arc I think, but for now this one is good enough to rank.

3. MM! – “More-more LOVERS!!” by Asou Natsuko

So the video linked is inverted but its the only one I could find so bear with me. This ED is so incredibly catchy its almost impossible to see it only once…and while the song isnt really the best and other series have come up with better dance moves in the past, the effort is there. But also LOOK AT THOSE COSTUMES MAN! they are so fabulous its hard not to love the ED.

2. To Aru Majutsu no Index II – “Magic ∞ world” by Kurosaki Maon

JC Staff for the most part always delivers amazing OP and ED quality and this time with Index II this is no exception. I really like this song for the upbeat mood compared to last season’s slow songs. My second fav of the season.

1. Bakuman – 「BAKUROCK 〜未来の輪郭線〜」by YA-KYIM

And for my favourite ED of the season, the honors go to Bakuman (sorry I couldnt find the actual video to go with the song). As I mentioned earlier with Index, JC Staff knows how to make great OP/EDs and it once again shows seeing how my top 2 are both JC productions. The way the songs plays during the last seconds of the episode leading to the credits also makes me like this more, this song is just awesome!

And now we move on to the best Openings this season:


5. MM! – “Help!” by Taketatsu Ayana

Once again Taketatsu Ayana’s name pops up this season…seriously how does she do it? Anyways the actual OP is pretty catchy when you start to listen to it on a loop, and well…its hard not to like a song that says “Go to Hell ~desu”.

4. Fortune Arterial – “絆-kizunairo-色” by Lia

This opening is awesome, and the reason is clear…Lia is literally one of the best singers around and I’ve yet to hear a song by her that I havent liked. From Air’s Tori no Uta, Clannad’s famous KIMI DAKE WOOOOOO, Angel Beats, and Little Busters! even Lia and Key related songs have always been high-tier. But this time this is not Key, yet Lia continues providing epic songs, she is on my holy trinity of epic singers for a reason.

3. Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – “irony” by ClariS

ClariS is a relatively new group, but holy crap did they really nail it here…Ore no Imouto’s OP is nothing short of catchy and I’ve been hearing it non stop for days now. The mere fact that I have rated this song above one of Lia’s openings says enough about how much I love this song!  I will be paying attention to any new songs they make in the future.

2. To Aru Majutsu no Index II – “No buts!” by Kawada Mami

Here is someone who is always the very peak of what I consider epic openings. Kawada Mami has been for a long time (and still is) my favourite singer when it comes to anime openings (and sometimes endings) and here with Index II she once again reminds me why I am absolutely in love with her songs and why she is on my holy trinity of epic singers along with Lia. The fast paced tune really fits the series’ action, and once again JC Staff knows how to compliment the song perfectly.

1. Motto To Love Ru – “Loop-the-Loop” by KOTOKO

This was NOT easy to pick, between this and Index II I’ve spends almost an entire week of listening both songs to finally come a decision and at the end of the day I decided to give the nudge to Kotoko. This song is almost like trolling, its called loop-the-loop and thats what I’ve been doing for almost 2 weeks now! This song is just so catchy! If you were wondering who the 3rd person on my holy trinity of epic singers was…well you guessed right! I declare this season of TLR to have the best opening of the Fall 2010 anime season!

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3 Responses to Top 5 Favourite OP/ED – Fall 2010 Edition

  1. miko.monday says:

    watch half of the youtube links get pulled in the next few weeks

  2. Psycho says:

    What is your opinion about Arakawa S2 OP? Found one person in forum says that was good. And because of this, I got a little fight :D. But that doesn’t matter now. I still believe first season OP song of Arakawa is much better.

  3. kevo says:

    I LOVE your new layout, Gamey, and great post! This season’s OPs and EDs didn’t catch my eye so much but there’s some great stuff out there. 🙂

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