Fall Season 2010 – Week 1 Impressions

Oh hi…yeah im not dead, just lazy. This fall season is really something else though, if you look at my currently following section for fall, you will notice that for the first time in like…2 years, the number of shows im following is rather large for my standards. That can only mean that this season must be good! Before the season started I already has a whole slate of shows ready to watch, and this is what my “expectations” for the shows ranked before seeing anything:

Fall 2010 expectations:

  1. Ore no Imouto
  2. To Aru Majutsu no Index
  3. The World God Only Knows
  4. Bakuman
  5. Motto To Love Ru
  6. Fortune Arterial

As you are about to see, some series that even I wasnt expecting ended up being added later on, anyways this are my impressions of all the series I watched and how they stacked up on week 1 of the season along with a temporary series rating.

MM! – Episode 1

Mio is god

Another God to worship o/

The first show I watched this season was not even a show I had planned to watch to begin with! But this show caught my attention because the female lead character seriously looked like Amae Koromo but talked like Suzumiya Haruhi and was as physically abusive as Louise while voiced by Taketatsu Ayana (fresh from playing Azusa). On the other side we also have Fukuyama Jun doing some of the craziest VAing i’ve seen him perform recently…like seriously, what? Basically in 1 episode we had masochists, sadists, androphobics, traps YOU NAME IT! Also I should mention the ED is like crack mixed with PCP…addicting as hell.

After watching the episode I had a huge WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH look on my face…but it was actually a pretty entertaining episode with plenty of comedy and LOLWUT moments. This series also wins the award for best reaction faces this season…Sado Tarou’s expressions are just plain amazing sometimes. Will continue watching this and hope it remains this entertaining.

Episode 1 Rating – 4 delicious blonde tsunderes (out of 5)



Bakuman – Episode 1

Fuck man...why so Raito there Takagi?

A manga about making manga, now an anime about making manga. My friend always told me how good Bakuman was so I had to watch this to see if he was right or if his tasted were just shitty. At the end of the day however, I found this series to be pretty good. I mean its not often you see an MC confessing to the girl he likes on ep 1, actually skip confessing…he just outright proposes to her! Also I have to mention this series might just have the best ED this season, shit is so awesome.

So now we have Kamijo Touma and Sakai Yuji working together on a manga, and while Takagi is totally reminding me of Death Note I hope the series provides a good plot and character progression, I always need to have at least 1 plot oriented non slice-of-life moe moe anime every season or else my brain would turn to mush, and Im picking Bakuman as that show for this season. Lets hope it doesnt disappoint.

Episode 1 Rating – 4.5 death notes (out of 5)



Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 1

Those bastards should burn for what they did to her!

Other than winning the award for longest fucking anime title this season, this is the series I heralded as my top pick for the season and for good reasons. LOOK AT KIRINO! JUST LOOK AT HER! She has prob one of the best looking character designs for this year! Add the fact that AIC has recently been proving themselves as a high tier studio and that Kirino, while styling hard on all of us, probably has an even bigger powerlevel than me and anyone reading this, and you have yourself potential for amazing.

Voiced by Taketatsu Ayana (I wonder how many more times Im gonna have to link her in this post), this is her second tsundere role this season and after seeing her pull off Mio on MM! I had no doubts she could deliver here as well. Give her a total BROther played by Nakamura Yuuichi which I consider to be one of the better male voice actors out there and the value points for the series goes even further. I also have to comment that the OP for this show is probably one of the best this season….this song is soooooooo good!
As for the actual episode, it delivered. It was funny, it was adorable, and Kirino proved that she is living the dream while still managing to overpower all of us in otaku craziness. I had high expectations for this show, and those expectations were met completely.

Episode 1 Rating – 5 collector’s limited editions (out of 5)



Shinryaku! Ika Musume 01 – Episode 1~geso

I for one, welcome our new slimy overlord~geso

Another show that I was not expecting to watch came along~geso. Ika Musume turned out to be even funnier than I had ever anticipated and is now sitting as one of the better comedies I’ve seen this season. With Kanemoto Hisako still relatively new to VAing, im pleasantly surprised with how well she plays Ika Musume, and with Tanaka Rie also on board (also in MM!) the show is sounding pretty nice. I am calling this series as my potential sleeper hit this season, the show is genuinely funny and quirky, lets hope it doesnt get old fast~geso.

Episode 1 Rating – 4 squid tentacles (out of 5)



The World God Only Knows – Episode 1

Truer words have never been spoken

I had high hopes for this show, but after watching the first episode…all my expectations were blown away, this show right here is now my favourite of the season. The first thing that I loved immediately was the male lead, Katsuragi Keima, voiced by Shimono Hiro…Keima is a total freaking boss and is looking up to becoming one of the better harem leads I’ve seen recently. The fact that this series pretty much consists of him forced to create a harem at the cost of his own life using his legendary knowledge on dating-sims was already enough to draw me in, and seeing it unfold throughout this episode was even better.

The unlucky captured heroine of this week was Takahara Ayumi who is voiced yet again by Taketatsu Ayana (seriously what the fuck?), but seeing Keima slowly trying to trigger the flags to “capture” her was pretty much on par with Lelouch taking down an army of nightmares using chess tactics or Light passing judgement while eating potato chips in terms of pure tactical brilliance. Oh also I cant forget, Itou Kanae will kill me with moe overdoses as Elci at this rate. I was not expecting any other show to suddenly impress me like this, but its happened and between this and Ore Imo this season is already worth it.

Episode 1 Rating – 5 flags triggered (out of 5)



Motto To Love Ru – Episode 1


Now this is a show I wouldnt normally watch, I am not a big fan of the whole ecchi fanservice genre so the fact that im watching this series already makes this a special exception to the rule. I guess you can say the main reason I am following TLR is because I am really drawn in by the characters and since I started reading the manga recently and the continuity of the series is not something really major, I figured I would take a chance at this second season while skipping the first one completely.

The OP for this series might just be my favourite one of the season, KOTOKO songs always deliver and you can never go wrong with them. As for the actual episode, it was your standard TLR filled fanservice public bath episode at least for the first half, the second half focused more on Kotegawa Yui and her tsundereness has already critical hit me. Lets hope the rest of the show remains entertaining AND MORE YUI PLS!!

Episode 1 Rating – 3.5 well placed rays of light (out of 5)



Fortune Arterial – Episode 1

Look at that smirk...he is so bloddy comfident in himself

Out of all series im following this season, this is the one which I was most skeptical about since visual novel adaptations by companies not named Kyoto Animation tend to turn ugly most of the time. The main character is played by suave boy toy Ono Daisuke, most of the female cast however is kinda obscure for the most part so I wont bother talking about them.

The OP is sung by yet another god-tier singer in the name of LIA, and its growing on me fast the more I listen to it…As for the actual episode, it was enjoyable enough although very very cliched at times…until the twist with the vampire in the end that is. Im not a big fan of vampires but i dont hate them enough to get turned off from the series yet (I freaking love Evangeline after all).

Episode 1 Rating – 3.5 blonde vampires (out of 5)



To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episode 1

Sorry this isnt Railgun anymore, back to the sidelines for now

And then here comes this season’s most anticipated series for most people (2nd for me). With the first season of Index and the Railgun spin-off, the raildex-verse has recently grown and become incredibly popular both here and in Japan. JC Staff must be feeling pretty good about themselves right now. The OP theme much like last season is done by my personal favourite Kawada Mami, and trying to pick the best OP of the season between her, Kotoko, Lia, and ClariS’ Ore no Imo is an incredibly hard choice.

However I’ve made a mistake…I accidentally let myself get overhyped by this series when I clearly remember me having some major issues with the 1st season despite liking the series, and watching this episode quickly made me remember those issues. The main issue Index always faced was the dreaded mouth diarrhea by pretty much every character be it hero, villain, support, main, etc…and this episode clearly demonstrated that when it was nearing its end. I also didnt like how this entire scenario was resolved since it was so incredibly corny…but w/e I already know that this episode is not really season 2 content, so this is why I am being lenient on this series this time…but honestly, I didnt like this episode at all and I do hope JC Staff can deliver like it has been recently without fail one more time. Oh yeah the ED is also awesome! Oh and cant forget the best part of the episode was dere dere  Misaka Mikoto.

Episode 1 Rating – 2.5 FUKKOU DAs (out of 5)


And there you have it, after watching 8 freaking episodes in 1 week…this season has really produced some good quality content in a while. I showed you my “expectations” before watching the series but now after having a taste of the shows I can say my new “expectations” list goes like this:

  1. The World God Only Knows
  2. Ore no Imouto
  3. Bakuman
  4. To Aru Majutsu no Index (havent given up on this yet)
  5. Ika Musume~geso
  6. MM!
  7. Motto To Love Ru
  8. Fortune Arterial

I am now tired of writing this long post…and its freaking 4am now…please let me go to sleep now

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  1. Wolfnagi says:

    What did you actually do for the last couple of month……

  2. Onion says:

    You’re missing Sora No Otoshimono season 2! T__T

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