Im not dead yet! Its only summer!

Sorry for abandoning this place so suddenly, but the final 3 weeks of college were a full assault of tests, assignment, and final exams…but not to worry I have now completed my studies for the year and have a free time or no school until september! (of course I would LIKE to say this since I plan on taking summer classes to get more credits done and over with)

So now that I am back I wanna apologize for the leave to all my readers (which obviously I have none, other than myself) and will try to get as much done as possible on this summer break of mine. I also have A LOT of unfinished anime I need to finish and with the kind of schedule I have I wonder if I’ll be able to accomplish this feat. Since I am feeling lazy I might as well point out my plans and my to-do list for this summer, lets see how many of these I can actually accomplish:

To-do list:

  1. Finish watching:
    • Macross Frontier
    • Darker than Black (season 2 + OVA)
    • Baccano
    • Legend of the Galactic Heroes (only 100 more episodes!)
  2. Start watching:
    • Durarara!
    • Kimi ni Todoke
  3. Catch up reading:
    • Mahou Sensei Negima!
  4. Finish Playing:
    • Final Fantasy XIII
    • Persona 4
    • Ever17
    • Sengoku Rance
  5. and finally, write about:
    • Negima manga (1 post per finished arc until catching up)
    • Aria manga (59/60 chapters omg ;_;)
    • Gurren Lagann movie (Lagann Hen)
    • Eden of the East – King of Eden
    • Haruhi movie (camrip edition)
    • Hayate no Gotoku ch268-270
    • My fav shows on 2009 (late I know but its coming)
    • Impressions on Spring 2010 shows
    • Blog about weekly anime again (I hope)

Its a big list I hope I can accomplish for the next 4 months, but of course I have obstacles since I still have a job and plan on taking summer classes, not to mention I need to get an actually useful driver’s license since the 1 I have is only useful as ID lol.

Well this is the update I wanted to share…for now, Im going to go get a new laptop now \o/ (im spending $1000 here ouch…) and then go to work so this might be the only thing I do here today…I’ll continue posting Hayate spoilers starting next week if I can, but if im unable you can always check This guy’s blog instead. Anyways everyone enjoy your summer!!

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7 Responses to Im not dead yet! Its only summer!

  1. Reinhard says:

    Only your blog interests me.

  2. llhayate says:

    o.o im not loved!!! XD kidding good to see u back game and wow u really thought out ur weekend i kinda just go with the flow XD wen my holidays come i might start enhancing my blog much further as u have done XD

  3. llhayate says:

    i meant to say holidays instead of weekend hehe XD how did u enjoy the new chapters game kun and good to see u giving negima a chance its a fantastic series after about 100 chapters it starts to get more serious less comedy kinda thing but were talking ken akamatsu here hes a love comedy genius XD

  4. Pandadice says:

    glad to see you have plans to start Kimi ni Todoke πŸ˜‰

    after One Outs (which is really good btw), I plan to start LoGH as well. Gonna [strike]copy TS and[/strike] make it my 500th completed MAL title (IOne Outs will be 498, then the movie you watch before it or whatever is gonna be 499, then it’ll be 500.. unless MAL decides to add/remove/alter entires on my list… or i watch something before i finish the series D:)

    anyways.. lol i just saw this in my bookmarks and thought “boy.. i haven’t been there in awhile”

  5. Pandadice says:

    You lie!

    .. you are dead 😦

    • Game8910 says:

      im not though….see? πŸ˜›

      Im just doing too many things at once this summer, im actually busier than I was before lol and Im watching up on so much anime/manga that I just dont feel like writing about it for now….but once the season ends I plan on making something

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