Sorry for lack of updates but the Haruhi movie took my life away for this week.

Topaz round of ISML is now underway, and there are some HUGE matches but thats not all, it also marks the great Athena Tennos’ debut on ISML in the exhibition match!! \o/

ARENA 01: Katsura Hinagiku [Sanzen’in Nagi]
I like Hinagiku more, dont misunderstand. But this one is more of a pity vote so she doesnt lose by THAT much
ARENA 02: Illyasviel von Einzbern [Saten Ruiko]
ARENA 03: [Aisaka Taiga] Senjōgahara Hitagi
Taiga should be able to take her down, no biggie
ARENA 04: [Asahina Mikuru] Hiiragi Tsukasa
ARENA 05: Sunohara Mei [Saginomiya Isumi]
ARENA 06: Saber [Shiina Mafuyu]
ARENA 07: Holo [Akaba Chizuru]
ARENA 08: Konjiki no Yami [Furude Rika]
ARENA 09: Fukuji Mihoko [Minami Chiaki]
ARENA 10: Izumi Konata [Ichinose Kotomi]
ARENA 11: Ikaros [Haramura Nodoka]
ARENA 12: [Hirasawa Ui] Fujibayashi Ryō
ARENA 13: Hirasawa Yui [Maria]
ARENA 14: Hiiragi Kagami [Akiyama Mio]
Poor Kagami
ARENA 15: [Shiina Minatsu] Sengoku Nadeko
ARENA 16: Kushieda Minori [Furude Hanyū]
ARENA 17: Furukawa Nagisa [Sakurano Kurimu]
ARENA 18: [Misaka Mikoto] Fate Testarossa
ARENA 19: [Louise Vallière] Ibuki Fūko
ARENA 20: [Shana] Suzumiya Haruhi
Oh man…after watching Disappearance I almost want to vote for Haruhi…actually this worries me a bit…the reception of the movie is so great that Haruhi actually could have a shot, either way im ok with whoever wins this
ARENA 21: Tōsaka Rin [Takamachi Nanoha]
ARENA 22: [Nagato Yuki] Sakagami Tomoyo
Nagato should not be able to lose against Tomoyo, not after the movie…while its not an official DVD/BD release im hoping it boosted her at least a little
ARENA 23: Okazaki Ushio [Kawashima Ami]
ARENA 24: Nymph [Fujibayashi Kyō]
ARENA 25: [Nakano Azusa] C.C.
ARENA 26: [Tennos Athena] Tōdō Lilicia
ATHENA!!! Going against Lilicia should be no trouble whatsoever, but EVERYONE SHOULD STILL VOTE FOR HER!!

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3 Responses to ISML Topaz 1, THE GODDESS ARRIVES

  1. Arabesque says:

    k, total noob here with some questions:

    -Why is Athena there? I thought only anime characters can qualify (unless they are counting her flashbacks as an actual appearance)

    -Wasn’t this over?

  2. Yui_Punter says:

    Needs more Mafuyu express. It’s gotta keep on rolling.

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