To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 24 (END) – To Aru Kagaku Koro ni

The final episode of electric anime Railgun displayed some of the best action I’ve seen come out of the Raildex-verse and to be honest this episode was just plain cool.
I stopped blogging Railgun because after the Level Upper arc the show became Fillergun, and although I appreciate episodes to develop side characters…you just dont do it too many times in a row…anyways the final arc was actually pretty good though, I found it enjoyable and it managed to bring back Beatrice into the anime world. Telestina’s trollfaces were awesome, needs more of her.

Anyways when the episode begins everyone is following Telestina (I will now refer to her as Teato) trying to find where the error kids were, upon being ambushed by helicopters something happened that seriously changed my views on this show…


Just who has the awesome ability to pull just a badass move!?

....wait WHAT!?

Kongo Mitsuko!? What the hell!? The entire series she has been treated as the punching bag because I swear every time she shows up she gets beaten up (level 0s are no exception), but this time she is actually acting like a true level 4…and dammit she looks cool!

Kuroko decides to help her fellow level 4 fight here while Misaka goes on ahead…and this is prob the first time I’ve seen her go all out like this…goddamn

holy shit she is the goddamn rambo, also does she ever carry school supplies in that case?

So while Misaka goes on ahead, their little dual performance gets underway

Dont get cocky Mitsuko...Kuroko can still kick your ass

On Misaka’s side, Teato continues trolling n’ rolling on her mecha, yes thats right she straight up pulls out a robot that looks like something that came out of Code Geass. Nothing is impossible for the Golden Bitch.

Knightmare Frame prototype, Academy City confirmed as Area 11

The fight between the 2 is 1 sided for a while since Teato knows about Mikoto’s abilities and range, but when Biri Biri gets pissed, she gets pissed BADLY. The following scene re-defines the word ELECTRIFYING

Have a nice dream, See you in hell

BEST FUCKING RAILGUN EVER!!!!! That was seriously badass from Mikoto, I was impressed…really. Also props if you get the quote I used above.

Of course this a final episode, Teato wouldnt just die like that, after making her second attack on them this time using Capacity Down, it is Saten who saves the day which I thought was very awesomely planned. Teato’s final attack would be a Railgun of her own but of course Misaka wearing incredibly strong plot armour defeat her canon with her coin.

Dark Samus after fighting Misaka Mikoto

So they wake up the kids, everyone is happy…the end.

Oh wait I did forget, Kiyama’s students sure are straight forward huh?

Because she is a scientist, and possibly extremely high

So with this Railgun comes to a close, everything is solved, the kids are happy, Kiyama is happy blah blah.

And of course this being part of the Raildex-verse they had to add this shot at the end

FUKKOU-DA hijack applies here

Final Thoughts: This was better than Index, for sure. Misaka Mikoto is a fun character who can be cute when needed but to be honest, the one who this series really helped improve in my views was Kuroko. I did not like Kuroko in Index, but after this…I can see her in a new light, a new badass light. This series also had better action than Index (when it actually had it). I was disappointed that they skipped the MISAKA clones arc and just went with 12 episodes of anime original content when they could’ve easily ended it on episode 12. But hey at least we got 2 5 star epic tier OPs and EDs out of this series so thats something right? I guess now we wait for Index season 2, which will come for sure…no buts.

The Final Verdict:
Story: 8/10
Animation: 8.5/10
Sound: 9/10
Characters: 8.5/10

Overall – 8.5/10

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2 Responses to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 24 (END) – To Aru Kagaku Koro ni

  1. Game8910 says:

    I just realized something, reading over my last line…”I guess now we wait for Index season 2, which will come for sure…no buts.

    >no buts

    HOLY FUCK!! are_you_a_wizard.jpg

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