Winter 2009/2010 Overall Impressions

I didnt get to watch too many shows this season due to lack of interest and too much schoolwork…in fact I used to blog episodes of animes before but now I can barely update it for Hayate spoilers and ISML related things, but I am still going to try to blog on the final episodes of some of the shows that just ended, but for now let me know what shows were worth watching this season! (MULTIPLE PICKS ARE ALLOWED) I only watched Hanamaru and Sora no Woto pretty much so…

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3 Responses to Winter 2009/2010 Overall Impressions

  1. Kuurozaki! says:

    vote for Durarara! 😀

  2. Arabesque says:

    Let’s see here,

    I watched So.Ra.No.Wo.To, Katanagatari, Baka to Test (still behind tho), Durarara!! and Hanamaru Youchien. I was planning on checking out the Hidamari Sketch franchise, but I only ended up buying just the manga so I don’t know if the anime is any good.

    Overall, I’d say that I enjoyed all of them sans katanagatari, with Durarara!! being the most enjoyable for me.

    The season overall was good, though nothing groundbreaking thus far. Next season looks even better.

  3. Eater-of-All says:

    – Durarara: You’re committing heresy by not watching this. Also, HEADLESS MOE.
    – BakaTest: Moderately funny, though some jokes may get stale after a while. If you’re in for the Summoned Beast part of its name though, be wary that it’s only delved into at the beginning and at the end.
    – Vampire Bund: I’m a few episodes behind on this, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s decent. I wonder if people still troll it for deviating from the manga?
    – Ookamikakushi: As one ASuki forumer aptly described, “Homo homo time!” At least it’s entertaining to poke fun at.
    – Katanagatari: Nishio Ishin’s trademark witty dialogues + Yukarin makes it fairly enjoyable for me, though I admit it might be hit-or-miss for others.

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