[EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch266

The Epilogue of the Athena arc is here, and i I thought last chapter was a nice conclusion…this was the icing on the cake and makes Athena’s departure more glorious than ever before.

*Update 1 – changed to a better RAW source*


BRAVO ATHENA! BRAVO! She gives back Nagi the box where the ring Hayate gave her but not the actual ring itself! That means that even though she gives Hayate back to Nagi…she is not giving away her feelings, moves like this are why I love this character! Even when I think she is done she always manages to pull some crazy bold move that just makes me want to see more! I’m going to miss you dearly Athena! I’ll await the day you return once again!

As translated by musouka, when Athena gives back the box (and Hat) she says “No, I’m the one that should be thanking you. Which is why I gave THAT [meaning Hayate] back.”
“But…I don’t know about next time.” [angelic smile]

Oh man that was such a troll it made me laugh, but I thank Hata for at least making her last moments a very victorious one ^_^

Another question is….im worried for Aika…another purified stone thanks to isumi…Midas will surely take advantage of this. And who the hell is that girl with Chiharu in the end? Ah it seems she was in comiket…nvm that

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13 Responses to [EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch266

  1. zodanhko says:

    Haha, all it took was one move by Athena to turn things around. A really satisfying ending for the arc, I must say.

  2. suckoja says:

    Seems like Hata know what he is doing here. I’m satisfied!

  3. Wolfnagi says:

    Kawaii xD
    But looks like preparation for war between me,Vol and the rest against you and also the rest, game…

  4. Eleutheria says:

    The last panel with Athena – I’m pretty sure she said something like “If that’s so, it’s not like we can’t go back to Japan ^^ *ring sparkle*”

    Heh heh heh

  5. M.A.D says:

    I’m having heart attacks just by looking at A-tan giving Nagi back the box

  6. Kennyotaku says:

    hooray! a-tan’s wearing a different outfit!
    and she’s going to return to japan anyways!!
    wonder what machi’s doing there…i wonder if they’re going to give that box to hayate, well w/e happens, it’ll be awesome
    a-tan will definitely return!

  7. Xero8420 says:

    Wow, Nagi met Athena face-to-face. Well that’s the nice part here.

    And as for the empty ring box that Athena gave it to Nagi, I bet we already knew that the actual ring has already returned to Hayate, before she could return the box, that is why the box that she gave it to Nagi is empty. It’s obvious, isn’t it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Erm, i think its the other way around. She keep Hayate’s ring for himself, hinted at the last panel Athena showing her *ring sparkle*. Hayate’s ring on the other hand got pawned 10 years ago, until it depends on Hata sensei to use that plot or not.

      • Anon45 says:

        Wow I did not notice that until you have pointed it out…
        Thank you for that, it has somehow relieved me.

  8. erte33 says:

    Wow, suddenly I saw a smaller A-tan flag go up, not as big as the older one but it`s better than none 🙂

  9. Arabesque says:

    Yay, Chiharu 🙂

    ”Midas will surely take advantage of this”

    Man, Midas is as good as buried at this point. Even if he is still around, he’s better off preserving what ever dignity he has left

    (seriously, he might huff and puff all day long, but he still went down twice, without any effort the first time and the second time from just one slash.)

    He is better off just applying for the ”Most Anticlimactic Boss” contest.

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