Hayate no Gotoku! ch265 – Goodnight, sweet goddess

Because a chapter this good deserves 2 posts about it…here we go again, but now fully scanlated and with more tears.

You may not be hurting Hayate, but ur hurting me a lot right now

Athena, her dedication to Hayate is so big shes even willing to sacrifice her love to not hurt him anymore…dammit I hate it when people do that!! (;A;) However right before saying her final goodbyes…she comes clean…what follows after is possibly one of the most touching moments I’ve ever seen in this manga, and mangas usually dont get me emotional a lot…

DAMMIT!! (;A;) So even though you still love her you....

Hayate, he finally manages to apologize to Athena after 10 years…and while he still loves her, I really am grateful Athena is so emotionally strong…if she had broken down in this scene I dont know what I would’ve done.

She makes her exit...in a blaze of motherfucking GLORY!

While I really wished we could’ve had a grown up HayatexAthena kiss, this is symbolism of Hayate’s love from the past coming to a close so using them as kids to say their last words was a pretty nice touch by Hata, and it was very very effective.

And with this done….Hayate returns to where he belongs now, which is Nagi’s side

Massive Nagi trigger?

Hayate’s last words are really important here…Im sure by now we can already call Athena off from the list of possible endings since she has already won but didn’t claim her price, leaving it for whoever comes 2nd after. The fact that only Nagi is focused as this thought of his is happening is sometimes a HUGE indication of what might happen in the future, and if Hata really wants Nagi to become a potential romantic candidate Hata really needs to get to work because at this point I am not convinced in that ending at all. For fans of other characters Athena’s departure once again gives them a ray of hope since the unbreakable wall has opened its gates for anyone to take over, I guess Ayumu’s optimism really does pay off sometimes.

Ah this has been such an amazing story of Hayate no Gotoku! and I can say I am very satisfied with this, the series is set to return to the more comedic ways of before and while I dont mind them because they are truly funny, I hope Hata doesnt pull away too much from this whole story of Nagi’s inheritance and Mikado/Himegami/Ikusa/Yukariko plot for too long.

And while I do have a poll currently running asking for thoughts on this entire arc, I would love to know what the people reading my entries think about Athena as a character, I for one…think she is yet another god-tier Hata Kenjiro character, this man is seriously too good at making likeable characters >_<

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15 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch265 – Goodnight, sweet goddess

  1. Mystic|Flame says:

    5/5 for Athena, she s overpowered since the beginning.. >.>

  2. Game8910 says:

    I wasnt really implying powerlevels but….I still lold

  3. terrible writing is terrible says:

    i can’t believe you cried over this shit. its so cliche its not even funny.

  4. zodanhko says:

    after this arc, any relationship Hayate may having in the future with one of the girls will only be an imitation…

  5. Wolfnagi says:

    Kinda like Vol fanfic…..

  6. Bill says:

    Amazing way to end this arc. Now… Give me my old Hayate! The one with amazing jokes and parodies!

  7. Malkavi says:

    No way.
    There may still be possibility that Nagi’ll return(if she even lose, we don’t know yet, right?) inheritance, and Hayate…Well, who knows. Maybe, he’ll pay off his debt very soon, with some help of DEUS EX MACHINA, but even so, he still might stay with Mistress, of course, it would be “enchanting”-lame, but when such a “minor obstacles” were able to prevent creator from doing stupid things?
    They never were.

    This arc desperately needs to be picturized.
    Preferably, by SHAFT.

  8. Anise Punter says:

    Fine character; terrible, horrible, absolutely awful implementation, one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Raised more questions than answers. It’s apparent that Hata was going to do something like this now, it’s not Athena the character’s fault that she was chosen for it. So now where does the series go from here? Any subsequent romance arc will seem like a weak imitation; any comedy will just seem out of place now.

  9. Xero8420 says:

    For this part, “What’s the worst thing that I can say? Things are better if I stay so long and goodnight! So long and goodnight!”
    Even though I’m not an Athena fan, but I still have to respect her on her way on playing her role on her screentime in the manga. Well, I guess H X A will come to an end, I think. As I saw the spoiler of this chapter, I’ve seen some of A-tan fans felt angry, totally disappointed, and even ranting when they saw this, but come on, what’s happen is already happened. For that, I’ll advise to all Athena fans, please, don’t rant or hate the “unexpected” part such as this one and just accept it for what had happened. Well, I hope all Athena fans would understand. If those pricks been very ignorant to hate Hata for what he had made this chapter, then why don’t they ask him personally. So please, just shut the ranting mouth and accept it.

  10. Nyarth says:

    Why the hell did Romeo and Juliet just popped up in my head when I read this!? D:

    But anyways, excellent way to end this arc and looking forward to see HnG return to its original hilarious and parodying format 😀

  11. charmaine ericka M. de guzman says:

    ahh… reading this Manga is really touchi… 😥 i wish i had a manga like this…

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