ISML Aquamarine 1 Results

Holy fucking shit on a shit sandwhich….these are massive vote totals…and some of  these results are massive RAPED results….but enough me, just take a look

Aquamarine 1 – Results

Contestant Name <—Votes—> Contestant Name
Shana 3528 2060 Fate Testarossa
Fujibayashi Kyō 3144 2180 Ikaros
Shiina Minatsu 2546 2767 Holo
Sakurano Kurimu 2714 2442 Takamachi Nanoha
Asahina Mikuru 2811 2528 Konjiki no Yami
Shiina Mafuyu 2448 2980 Aisaka Taiga
Sakagami Tomoyo 2356 3093 Katsura Hinagiku
Tōsaka Rin 2795 2588 Maria
Izumi Konata 2768 2572 Akaba Chizuru
C.C. 2637 2816 Hirasawa Yui
Nagato Yuki 2977 2454 Senjōgahara Hitagi
Akiyama Mio 3235 2337 Sanzen’in Nagi
Illyasviel von Einzbern 3144 1914 Furude Hanyū
Suzumiya Haruhi 2698 2768 Saber
Haramura Nodoka 1797 2964 Fujibayashi Ryō
Kushieda Minori 2717 2343 Okazaki Ushio
Sengoku Nadeko 2804 2458 Furukawa Nagisa
Hirasawa Ui 3067 1800 Fukuji Mihoko
Hiiragi Tsukasa 2409 2645 Ibuki Fūko
Nymph 2425 2412 Minami Chiaki
Furude Rika 2388 2746 Saten Ruiko
Nakano Azusa 2935 2382 Ichinose Kotomi
Misaka Mikoto 3160 2312 Hiiragi Kagami
Kawashima Ami 2631 2506 Sunohara Mei
Saginomiya Isumi 2480 2638 Louise Vallière
Akeno Mihoshi 2630 1050 Noda Megumi

Oh wow….Shana….I am speechless….

Really!? 1468 vote difference over Fate!? Well shit…at least we know I wont have to worry about her performance on ISML this year either…and like usual…she gets the most votes.

I was actually pretty delighted to see Minatsu getting so close to Horo, being able to put up a fight against a former top 16 candidate is something to be proud off.

On the other hand…KAICHOU, defeated Nanoha…..really!? Is Seitokai actually strong or is Nanoha just incredibly weak now? I was pretty shocked

The third girl Mafuyu, I was not expecting her to win against someone in the caliber of Taiga, but she held on in this match and it gives me promise for what she can accomplish later on.

Hinagiku continues strong, I cant wait for the rematch with Shana!

A little disappointed in Maria losing to Rin but expected

Yui beating C.C was fantastic, I love it

Senjougahara fanscination might be strong but not as strong as the integrated data thought entity.

Ah Mio…I knew Mio had power, and it lived up to my expectations…but poor Nagi ;__;

Now Haruhi vs Saber was one I wanted to see, Haruhi has obviously weakened after Endless Eight + Sighs, and Saber has somehow found a new boost, so their level should be equally matched, and I was right. I wonder how far she’ll go this year

I have to admit….Nagisa losing to Nadeko snake is utter failsauce…

Saten beating Rika? I AM SHOCK

Azusa beating Kotomi…as expected only Kyou and Tomoyo are the only good Clannad contestants…looks like we got 6 fodder characters now

Misaka Mikoto, her power up from last year to now is something almost scary….this will be a great year

ISML is just here and its already full of WTF RAGE and OMG WHAT moments…ah I missed it ;__;

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7 Responses to ISML Aquamarine 1 Results

  1. Reinhard says:

    Shana on fire.

  2. Wolfnagi says:

    Ojou’s lose……..
    Well, expected from Mio but…….
    over 800 votes,
    I really need to kill my friends…….

  3. KholdStare88 says:

    Geimu, you are the sword of my bone.

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