[EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch265

;__; oh god this chapter….I’ve seen emotional HnG chapters before like the last bits of The End of the World arc or the epic save of Hayate on ch260…but this chapter here really strikes me deep down…and the reason why….well…see below



BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!! ;A; ;A; ;A; ;A; ;A; ;A; oh god that was so beautiful and touching….

Athena and Hayate…im sorry but their relationship was just too incredibly good and sweet, something that NO ONE has come even close to matching on this series (Hayate and Hinagiku moments were nice, but they just dont match to this). So I guess this is the end of the road for now? Athena and Hayate have now officially parted ways, but obviously not before Hayate confessed that he did in fact still love her….however it looks like Athena is still convinced in not trying to ruin his present life anymore. While usually I would be happy to see Hayate declaring that he still loves Athena, it is his thoughts after that really seems to put some kind of closure on this arc…something along the lines of “I wonder when I’ll ever say ‘I love you’ to anyone again”…now this is pretty big and can be interpreted in 2 ways:

  1. Hayate loves Athena and will not love anyone else (at least not anytime soon)
  2. Hayate has decided to move on, suddenly Hinagiku and Ayumu’s chances are alive once again

One of the touches that made this chapter so good was the fact that their last words were shown with them as kids, this could symbolize the end of Hayate’s love life from the past, which was Athena, and he is now going to move on to the present. I still refuse to believe a romantic Nagi ending will happen and to be honest even though she has been extremely ignored…I still have a feeling that Maria’s chances are dangerously high. But only time will tell what happens on this series, the Athena arc which has spawned for almost 100 chapters has come to a close with a bang, and this has EASILY without a second thought become the best story that Hayate no Gotoku! has told, and even though in the end Athena’s chances might be near 0…I am extremely satisfied with that has been done with her. Whether or not the old comedy filled Hayate will now return full force or we have more mysteries to be solved, I have to thank Hata Kenjiro for having created such a great story, and such an amazing character in Athena…the fading interest I had about this series before The End of the World chapters has been completely abolished, I am fully recharged and ready for anything Hata can throw, comedy or love/drama, either way I will keep reading this series, and this manga (for now)  continues to be my #1 favourite.

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25 Responses to [EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch265

  1. Mystic|Flame says:


    well, at least there s still a small chance for Nagi..

    • Voltorn says:

      it’s not small~ y’know =)
      It’s big =)

      • Wolfnagi says:

        If Hayate is going to still be like that,
        I’m possessing him,
        So you guys would have both Hayate x Nagi and Wolf x Nagi (hehehehehehehe)

      • Wolfnagi says:

        Where the hell is chapter 265!!!!!!

  2. Kennyotaku says:

    …this is such bad news…

    sigh…a-tan’s still going to be in the manga, and will probly make appearances…but…will there be anymore romance between her and hayate…
    the only way to tell if hayate still has feeling for her is if he broods on it and feels sad in the next few chps…how terrible…
    hata probly just killed the a-tan ship…

  3. Kennyotaku says:

    *feeling more optimistic*
    a-tan actually still loves hayate though right? and hayate never actually stated that he stopped loving her right? maybe something will happen? like mikado dragging a-tan back to japan by telling her to do her job, then when walking through the hakuou forest, hayate sees her again, and this time with some company…

  4. Anise Punter says:

    I’ve given up hope that they’ll get back to the funny.

    *punts Hamster*

  5. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know.. like Rah, this chapter was like eating rotten apples, sincerely i think a Nagi End would be pretty lame, it would be better to leave it at friends with everyone at this rate

  6. bram_history says:

    now …
    *spacing out about 30 minutes*

    oh god …
    I think I wanna cry … damnit …
    aw …. T_T

    I dont know what else to say, I always think that he can have relationship with athena while he serve Ojou-sama
    but now all my hope vanished …
    ouch …

    this is the best and the saddest chapter at the same time
    ahh …. T___T

  7. Kennyotaku says:

    now that i think about it, what about machina? a-tan still has to go pick him (and shirosakura) up

  8. erte33 says:

    The song really did match the chapter… Anyway, I secretly hope that he will still brood about this, and maybe, just maybe, be a little bit emo in the next chapters…..

    • Game8910 says:

      but hopefully not long enough, even with Athena gone I would still like to see some more comedy soon…of course as long as he doesnt drag it for another 100+ chapters as before since then I would lose interest

  9. Mentar says:

    You know – I feel that what EOTW really was about was that Hata managed to tell this story (Royal Garden) by using the characters he had established via Hayate no Gotoku. If I were an Athena shipper like you, I would consider this the alternate universe storyline with the happy ending. It’s as close to it as it gets (the “parting” aspect is required to return to the “normal” world again).

    Royal Garden was Hata’s initial story idea which was rejected. Now he has finished it, and Athena is the heroine of this story. And now we’re returning to Hayate no Gotoku.

  10. Zlol365 says:

    Sadness and sorrow, indeed….
    Yep, Zlol here… XD
    Anyway, My bet’s that athena will return perhaps. Or perhaps this is the end. Odds are 50% each.
    Lol. I’m not good at predicting either way.
    And don;t give up on the a-tan ship either ^.^. It’s never over till the fat lady sings. And plus, “In the world of HnG, anything goes.” XD

    But i wonder though…. has Hayate started to develop feeling for nagi without realising it? From feelings of gratefulness to love? It feels like its building to that climax. Much food for thought….

  11. a passingby ally of justice says:

    well, hopefully atan will return as a side character… ( normally main characters appear early on in the manga, but hata might break this rule)
    but this acr sort of makes me sad. when two person deeply in love got seperated just because of misunderstanding and lack of communication… 😥

  12. Kennyotaku says:

    a-tan will definitely return, afterall, i remember reading a spoiler (or something) saying that midas still isnt destroyed
    besides, what about machina and the shirosakura
    and there’s still the ring hayate has, the group (except for hina, isumi, and sakuya) wondering where he went is probly gonna cause something
    and the ring can be compared to the slipper for cinderella, since a comparison to that story was made during chp 264

  13. bob says:

    i hate it i hate it i hate it !!! damn! they both love each other so why the F*** not be together ! i mean look at the other girls in the harem no one else loves hayate like athena does and no one is even near to the liking of hayate like athena! a-tan doesn’t want to hurt him but does it more with saying “farewell” and WHY??? i’m so pissed of i wanna break some bones ! she would have been a good add to the cast with some romance with haya in front of the others and there is so much comedy hata can make with her…. DAMN IT!!! she better get to the party and pick machina up and while she’s there kiss hayate and change her mind and nagi. hina and aymi hearth broken…yeah die die die! commit suicide

  14. Kota-kun says:

    A-tan ha to come back for all those A-tan lovers out there. I can see her making Ayumu, Hinagiku, Nagi, Izumi all jealous if she appears and tell them all aout when they were kids…the good bits obviously! And also the ring that Hayate gave her and that they slept in the same bed, bathed together…come on Hata-sensei! There are so many openings for you to take advantage of! It would add more comedy in the storyline and give everybody a laugh!

  15. Kennyotaku says:

    of course she’ll come back into the story, but the problem is when or how long

  16. Zero WX says:

    Actually, considering the way they departed it’s imposible for her to comeback, since she pretty much exiled herself from Hayate’s life so he can never suffer for her fault.
    Narratively speaking, if this are the last words of his partyng, it would require a very forced situation for her to come back ever, since pretty much all the remaining misterys of the manga can be resolved without her (and I believe Hata is thinking “just has I planned”).

  17. d-tan says:

    a-tan.. T_____T don’t leave hayate.. She need you more, please, live in Sanzenin’s mansion….

  18. Malkavi says:

    It can’t be left like this. I mean…It’s way…Cruel towards fans? I understand, genre templates are above all, but wait, they already were violated many times during story, so, please, do it…one more time.
    I thi…I HOPE, Hata just builds up a spiral road throughout plot, which leads towards Athena, despite everything and everyone. Time will show.

  19. [A]tan says:

    i’ve always cried if i see that chapter ( 265 }

  20. baca manga says:


    thx for info…i like one piece !!!

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