[EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch264

Oh boy, this chapter is sure to stir up people around, I wont get into the specifics but at least I can say I was expecting this to happen ever since Nagi broke the stone.


A small summary translation courtesy of musouka on AnimeSuki forums:

– Athena assumed that Ikusa (Hayate’s bro) made it out of the castle when she did, after she woke up from her year of sleep. But when King Midas re-manifested inside her, one of the things he brought up was that Ikusa might still be in the Royal Garden. Because of that, he was able to worm his way into synchronizing with her desire to gain a King’s Jewel so she could make sure.

– But Hayate tells her not to worry, because he’s sure that mysterious man was his older brother, Ikusa.

– The clock strikes twelve.

– The girls remark how it reminds them of Cinderella, ect, ect. But Nagi mentions that it seems to symbolize a new beginning more than the ending of something.

– Inwardly, Athena agrees. When Hayate tells her that she no longer needs a King’s Jewel because he’s sure his brother is safe, she thinks to herself that all she needs is… And this time, maybe forever is possible…

– When Hayate hears the clock strike, he mentions that Nagi must be getting worried.

– Athena stops her thought. She mentions that Nagi was the one that gave up her fortune, and asks what sort of girl his mistress is.

– Hayate says “Basically…she’s always angry?” This wasn’t the answer Athena was expecting, but Hayate goes on to elaborate in a really endearing way. Athena says that sounds difficult, and Hayate smiles and says it is. This makes Athena come to some sort of realization.

– Athena says once she saw his smile, she understood. She tells Hayate she won’t be coming back to Japan, and this is where they part. She says goodbye, and she was happy to have seen him.

First of all, WTF MIDAS IS STILL INSIDE ATHENA!? Wtf this changes nothing….since he almost takes over her again for a while there….I guess next time he tries to take control Athena wont be so willing to let go of her emotions as last time so its fine I guess…..

Second of all, OMFG ATHENA’S AHOGE IS A MIRACLE OF THE UNIVERSE! That thing is horrifyingly cute….I d’awwwww’d hard

Third of all, as expected…Hayate returns to Nagi, and Athena will not go with him, while I expecting this to happen since Hayate did promise to return to Nagi no matter what, what I wasnt expecting was for Athena to be the on who would let go of Hayate, such a noble act to keep him from feeling any kind of trouble…its almost unfair. I guess Athena can join Hinagiku on the “too nice for their own good” corner.

Fourth of all, knowing Hayate, he is not going to stay quiet about this…so for all we know he might try to convince Athena to follow him again…I mean even if she is to go away for a while now, at this point she has already established herself as one of the “almost” main characters…shounen sunday agreed, dont bother them about it.

btw Hayate’s brother has a cool name and if he is still trapped inside…well…future plot hints?

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15 Responses to [EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch264

  1. Arabesque says:

    Err, Game, that was a flashback to when Midas first possessed Athena.

  2. laian41 says:

    I don’t mind this development as long as it means that Hata’s planning on developing something. I liked Athena more than Nagi tons, but I’m willing to give up a character if it means stepping away from the status quo.

    If it turns out Hata is kicking Athena out so that he can go back to the usual gags, then I’m dropping this series. It’ll either end in a harem or it’ll take 5 more years. And it will probably take 5 years to end in a harem ending.

    • bram_history says:

      looks like athena still have time in HnG
      in last page it seems a-tan have a regret left
      in some anime/manga I saw, if some character want to leave the main chara, it should be in smile, so they can leave without regret and the story can go on without bugging by their leaving anymore …

      Athena smile in last page hold a lot of regrets
      I think that showing hata still have some plan with athena, and he mentioned that athena and EoTW arc is something that he want to draw since he started HnG, so that’s unlikely he will kick athena soon

      and if he really kick athena out, well I’m with you
      I abandon HnG for a year think that this manga will only became usual gag manga, without strong plot
      when I accidentally saw athena and EoTW story, I quickly pick this story again, heck I even buy previous volume to complete it

      what I mean to tell is, athena the reason I read HnG after abandoned it for a long time
      if she get kicked for the sake of random gag, then there’s no point follow this story anymore
      comedy is good, but if there’s no main plot I think I will get bored soon

  3. Wolfnagi says:

    So his brother’s name is Ikusa eh…..
    AND WTF!!!!
    The rest of us just got banned!!!!

    • Honeyichigo says:

      Be sure to get more banned because of that second account, okay?

      • bram_history says:

        12 people got banned at the same time
        that’s was my first case since I begin play forums 6 years ago xD
        you guys really something x_x

    • Wolfnagi says:

      I can’t log on……
      And so,
      With that,
      “Saying this in a noble style”
      “A-tan together with Hina have forever gone from the face of the Earth just for Hayate”
      “But will he make a right decison and gave up ojou to me xD”
      “We will find out later”

  4. Alviam099 says:

    Nice Ikusa a weird name huh

  5. Xero8420 says:

    Hayate’s bro, or should I call him, Ikusa, I presumed. Hmm… what a nice name indeed. He has been trapped in the RG for the whole 10 years time, huh? Well, correct me if I’m wrong, Game.

  6. alviss says:

    it cant be hellp that a-tan feel alot of regret since he love hayate that much T.T dun go a-tan

  7. TKaminari says:

    I have a feeling that Hayate’s brother is Shiranui. Well, they both have that cross-shaped scar on their forehead. Maybe, Ikusa was trapped in the garden but he got out. Then the compensation for that is that he’ll become a cat 😛

  8. wynnog says:

    If you have a way to edit your posts, you should remove the “Midas inside Athena” part.

  9. darkinnocence15 says:

    what no athena dont give up on hayate! hayate didnt confess yet too >_<
    why is my favorite character always have to give up on hayate(athena and hinagiku) i agree on the "too nice for their own good" sometimes they have to be selfish for their own happiness… i hope this is not the end for athena x hayate pairing

  10. recepti says:

    hmmm… I disagree with you.

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