[EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch262

update 1 – added some translations (credits to musouka from AnimeSuki)

WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA HOLD ON!! These pics are pretty crazy! So Athena told Hayate she would now explained what happened after he left. So obviously we are now back to 10 years ago…but man…looks like a couple of old theories will be fortified/destroyed here


WHERE DID HAYATE’S BROTHER GET THE STONE!? WAS IT FROM YUKARIKO!? I saw the scans in wrong order….Hayate has the stone all along!? HOW!! HOW DID HE GET IT!?? That would explain why he was able to enter RG in the first place I gues…Also wow looks like his brother used it to enter the Garden and he met Athena! so does that mean he was the one who cut off Mida’s arm!? was he the one who stole Hokuo!? and more importantly….WHERE THE HELL DOES HIMEGAMI FIT IN ALL THIS!!

Also justing looking at the crushed and sad Athena…oh god ;__;

Some translations posted now

First page:

HAYATE’S BRO: Hmm? Did something fall?

HAYATE: Oh, that’s…

HAYATE: I put something important inside…
HAYATE: So I wouldn’t lose it…

HAYATE: But I lost it already, so you can have it.

HAYATE’S BRO: Is there something inside here?
HAYATE: Huh? Oh, yeah…

HAYATE: That’s right, I found it last Christmas Eve.
HAYATE: And then, in my dream, Santa told me…

Second page:

HAYATE: That’s,
HAYATE: Your stone.

HAYATE’S BRO: It’s beautiful.
HAYATE: Uh-huh. I forgot about it. But Santa said he had eight more…
HAYATE: So losing one wasn’t a big deal.

HAYATE: What’s wrong?

HAYATE’S BRO: I hear something.

HAYATE’S BRO: Have you dried your tears?

HAYATE: Oh? Ah, yeah…

Third page:


HAYATE’S BRO: You’re calling out.

SIDE: Hearing that which she couldn’t voice, Hayate’s brother came rushing to where Athena was. What can give her hope and freedom in the midst of her despair?

Goddammit so Mikado gave Hayate the stone or did he just find it by chance? Either way what the hell is he planning!? This is seriously something big since its been 10 years in the making…Also how did Hayate’s brother hear Athena? does he have some kind of power? Looks like he was the one who cheered her up after the big breakup though…HE REALLY IS A WANDERING HERO!

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5 Responses to [EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch262

  1. Zyazel says:

    Finally.. we can see hayate’brother return!
    Sadly Hata didnt want us to see his face right now…
    But i have a question.. is he evil or good?

  2. dreadw says:

    wa, waiit is that means… hayate’s bro = Himegami??

  3. Pandadice says:

    all you do are HnG spoilers these days v_v

  4. darkinnocence15 says:

    lol i laugh so hard when he mention WHERE THE HELL DOES HIMEGAMI FIT IN ALL THIS!!
    anyways this is an unexpected turn of event!!! maybe hayate’s brother know athena all along! so hayate have a jewel before maybe his brother is the one that stole hakuo… so that means his brother is one of the suspect of stealing the power of the royal garden

  5. Wolfnagi says:

    Chapter 262 = A-tan explain what happen after Hayate’s left…..
    In chapter 261, Yukariko got the king jewel,
    chapter 262, Hayate bro got it…..

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