Hayate no Gotoku! ch260 – tears everywhere

Oh god I mentioned on my early spoiler post how this was probably the best chapter ever, and I guess I was right, this really is the best chapter of Hayate I’ve seen yet…it was pretty emotional as well IMO…manly tears were almost shed here. And the long battle to save Athena has reached the end, and what an amazing end it was.

Ayasaki Hayate's final anger

As Hayate charges with the flaming wooden Masamune, Athena’s once again confirms she is too nice of a person sometimes.

FFFFFFFFFF this is too depressing man... ;-;

Athena can no longer hide her pain, and at this point neither could I


After an emotionally crushing scene, Hayate finally conquers Midas’ attacks and free Athena from his control! After 10 years, Athena and Hayate have now truly reunited! ;__; however…

FFFFFF poor Hinagiku ;__;

Ah Hinagiku, you break my heart as well…but Im sure, im positively 100% sure that your good deeds will be rewarded greatly in the future, but as much as I can think it just wont be with Hayate, much like Yukiji said…you cannot always get what you want, but that still does not mean that you can be happy.  This chapter has further pushed Athena and Hinagiku on my list of all time favourite characters from any series, they are both fantastic characters on different forms and I applaud Hata-sensei on being able to create 2 absolutely wonderful characters. But Hinagiku is not the focus at this point, the main thing I want to know now is…what will Hayate tell Athena next chapter? Is it his confession? or maybe its an apology? We know that the 1st of the 2 things he wanted to say was gratitude, so while im leaning more on apology as the 2nd thing, if he doesnt confess…doesnt that just make all of Hinagiku’s efforts up until now meaningless? since she is doing all of this so Hayate can tell her his feelings…since she was unable to do it herself. For the sake of Hinagiku’s efforts, I think a confession would be good. But that is for next week, I wonder what will happen.

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7 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch260 – tears everywhere

  1. sunshinesan says:

    In your new poll, don’t you mean Isumi’s last words regarding Hina?
    And I agree, one of the best chapters in HnG, not the best though.
    Damn that Hata, turning this innocent manga into a tear-fest. (jk, Hata is quite awesome.)

  2. Mentar says:

    sunshinesan: The last words about a hero being unable to show tears were from Hina, not from Isumi.

    About the article: You may be right about the “not everything you wish for in life will be fulfilled” line being aimed at Hina – time will tell. It’s not even that I’m all that sure that I want Hina to be together with Hayate, unless he has a total change of heart and begins to realize how much he really owes her. I do want to see Hina rewarded and happy though.

    About confessions: Even if Hayate tells Athena that he loves her, what’s next? Hands up who believes that he’ll desert Nagi. Nobody? Thought so. And the idea to have Hayate date Athena while serving Nagi… the very idea is making me feel sick.

    No – I have the feeling that unless Athena decides to leave by herself, she’ll soon find herself in the same position Hina was in during her confession struggles: Mission Impossible.

    • sunshinesan says:

      Now that you mentioned it, the scene is very ambiguous about who said the last line. Though it was probably Hina. For some reason, I read it as Isumi saying it, and it made it sadder – Isumi saw Hina’s tears, despite her trying to conceal them, and then said those lines to her.

      I agree with you about whole thing with serving Nagi and dating Athena simultaneously to be absurd. Athena is in for some rough time in the future, despite this chapter being all happily-ever-after-like.

  3. zodanhko says:

    Amazing chapter, the best of the bests.

    As far as the story goes, only time will tell with a mangaka as unpredictable as Hata. Although I think as long as Athena exists, Hina won’t have a chance of being together with Hayate.

  4. Wolfnagi says:

    This chap is A-tan x Hayate chap,
    I don’t know what to say…..
    or sucks????

  5. meowed says:

    woooo yay athena

  6. Hayate Lover-MJA says:

    your wishes finally come true, A-tan! Cheers and joy! Yaay…

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