ISML Day 7, Seeding

I didnt know of this, what is seeding again? oh well who cares i see Shana so im voting for her without fail.

ARENA 01: [Katsura Hinagiku] Tōsaka Rin Asahina Mikuru Sakurano Kurimu Izumi Konata [Misaka Mikoto]

Is there even much of a choice here? Simple groups are simple as hell…

ARENA 02: [Shana ] Suzumiya Haruhi Hirasawa Yui [Shiina Mafuyu] Holo Saten Ruiko

Shana is mandatory. I would vote for Haruhi on a regular day but I really wanna see how Mafuyu fares against the big shots

ARENA 03: Sakagami Tomoyo Hiiragi Kagami Fukuji Mihoko [Sanzen’in Nagi] Sengoku Nadeko Kawashima Ami

Voting Nagi as shes the only one worth voting on this group

ARENA 04: [Nagato Yuki] [Aisaka Taiga] Haramura Nodoka Akiyama Mio Sunohara Mei Furude Rika

I was voting for Nagato and Mio until I realized Taiga was here

ARENA 05: [Fujibayashi Kyō] Fate Testarossa [Nakano Azusa] Okazaki Ushio Saber Shiina Minatsu

I wonder how Ushio will do…and Fate

Does anyone else notice that some of these groups are WAAAAAY easier than others? Look at Hinagiku’s group, whose only real challenge could be Rin. (Mikoto is still unknown in power)
Then we have Shana’s group who I could prob name the most difficult group out of these (Shana put in a difficult group…oh wait this always happens to her on ISML). Because we have Shana, but then we have another powerhouse in Haruhi, and then even some new strong contestants like Yui and Mafuyu might be in for a thrashing here. Im not worried at all about Shana, but Mafuyu might be about to have her first taste of Rank A ISML pounding.
I dont even wanna talk about Tomoyo’s group, other than Kagami and “maybe” Nagi there isnt much challenge.
Nagato is the second strongest group IMO, not only is she being paired vs Taiga (its the year of the Tiger) but also against newcomer hotshot Mio who I have already claimed will take top 16 this year.
Kyou’s group is also not a pushover with Fate and Asuza and Saber in it, actuall this may even be the second strongest group…I feel sorry for Minatsu

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One Response to ISML Day 7, Seeding

  1. Eisdrache says:

    You realize that those groups are only for deciding on their placement in the regular season? It’s not as if they would go at each other after the two seeding days.

    And also you didn’t vote Nadeko.

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