[EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch260

OH GOD THIS IS THE BEST CHAPTER EVER! ;__; Yeah I just love this manga dont mind me….just like Hata said on his blog, the fight is over, and the outcome was beautiful



That was fantastic, I loved every part of it. Athena is finally saved, I wonder what she will do now? I wonder what Hayate will say to her now?
I also have to comment on kuddos for Hinagiku for leaving them alone, +9000 bro points for you…dont worry I still love you as well! And knowing Hata’s “everything has a reason” twists he pulls so often, im damn sure this whole “secret hero” thing will play hugely on her favour later on. Its still too early for the hero to give up right?

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12 Responses to [EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch260

  1. nodnyl10 says:

    can’t argue with you on that game8910!
    the best page ever indeed is the one where Hayate and Atene hugged each other (again in a long time)..

    like i said, i’m gonna love every page of it and every panel!

  2. LLHayate says:

    damn i cant thank hata sensei enuff i loved this arc with all my heart the atmosphere the battles the suspense the romance XD

    cheers for hayate and atans future lets hope this isnt the end XD

  3. Blahhead says:

    Must have coloured version of teh best page…

  4. Wolfnagi says:

    Ah man……
    Oh well
    Gotta let go the feeling……..

  5. Baka1412 says:

    Isn’t that romantic..

    In the past, Athena was the one who lend her hand to Hayate..

    And now in the present, Hayate lend his hand to Athena 😀

  6. Zyazel says:

    Sob… looks like this chapter will make me cry even it is still not translated T_T

  7. Used Can says:

    I’m definitely buying next week’s Shounen Sunday. I bought last week’s and I didn’t like it much, but this issue is definitely worth buying.

  8. zodanhko says:

    EPIC!!!The battle, the memories, the hug (REALLY NICE!!!)….gotta love all of that.

  9. darkinnocence15 says:

    wah so romantic! finally athena and hayate are reunited(this time for real!). i wish hayate would confess and become a official couple.. but still at the same time i feel sad for hinagiku must be hard to be rejected unintentionally even before you confess your feelings

  10. Xero8420 says:

    That’s touching… very touching indeed. Still, I don’t think Hina got to be rejected that easily. I mean, that’s too early for her to give up. I just don’t get it. But, whatever it is, I’ll accept everything about what happen in this chapter. Anyway, since this manga series is still far from over, well, I’ll be looking forward to find it out.

    As for this chapter, I shall give my regards to all Athena fans for these epic and touching moments as well as their wishes come true in this chapter.

  11. hippiefreak12 says:

    thank you for it

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