Hayate no Gotoku! ch259 – Golden Opportunity

The battle has surely reached its climax, but this time we dont get much Hayate action, but this is Hinagiku’s and the rest of the supporting cast’s moment to help him.

With the Wooden Masamune now in control of Hayate, it seems his GAR levels have reached optimal levels

Holy shit he says it like hes fighting a nobody

So while Hayate’s role is to save Athena, Hinagiku is given the role to take care of the stone, which of course proves being more difficult than once thought for Hinagiku

That Isumi stare....golden!

So just when Ginka runs out of power, and it looks like everyone at the hotel is doomed…

This is probably the most significant thing Hinagiku has done plot wise in this series

With the stone destroyed, the monsters cease to exist, but Midas catches Hinagiku suddenly and starts to turn her into gold, slowly…Isumi who manages to call Sakuya for help actually gets help from a more unexpected person

OH SHI- look at her tame that arm like its nothing! Isumi is so awesome

Nietono no Masamune!

So with this Hayate finally might be able to win! I mean he has a flaming wooden Katana now. I still wish he could’ve used Shirosakura since he seemed kinda destined to wield it but oh well…

Btw according to Hata’s blog it seems next chapter is the final chapter of this fight, so expect super epic incoming!!

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3 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch259 – Golden Opportunity

  1. Wolfnagi says:

    Chap 259 is sure is cool…….
    But again….
    No ojou-sama =(

  2. Mentar says:

    “Most significant thing plotwise”… you really don’t like Hina, do you? ^_^;

    She’s been saving people’s behind in more chapters than Athena was even mentioned.

    • Game8910 says:

      why would you think that? Hinagiku is on my top 15 all my fav characters 😐

      Also I know Hina has done a lot in the past but its mostly on smaller arcs or episodic chapters, I consider this current arc part of the “main” plot of the series, I mean this entire golden week arc has been going on since ch188…so

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