ISML Prelims, Day 5

well I decided to follow Crisu’s advice of not wasting ISML’s bandwidth by using their pictures so (for now) I’ll use their text result generators, here are my votes and comments

ARENA 01: Evangeline A.K. McDowell Ikeda Kana [Shiina Minatsu]
Minatsu! further prove the power of Seitokai!
ARENA 02: Hanato Kobato Tsukamoto Yakumo [Kinomoto Sakura]
Sorry Kobato, but the superior CLAMP innocent girl is superior
ARENA 03: [Saginomiya Isumi] Haibara Ai Oshino Shinobu
Isumi has hand soap!
ARENA 04: Hanekawa Tsubasa [Mizunashi Akari] Suiseiseki
AKARI!!! ;__;
ARENA 05: [Furude Rika] Akashiya Moka Nogizaka Haruka
ARENA 06: Index Librorum Prohibitorum Hoshina Utau [Aizawa Sakuya]
Sakuya is awesome too bad i couldnt vote for her more often
ARENA 07: [Alice Carroll] Hinamori Amu Akaba Chizuru
Alice Carroll *sigh* I hate seeing ARIA on ISML
ARENA 08: Shirai Kuroko Sawatari Makoto [Kawashima Ami]
I wasnt sure between Kuroko or Ami, but I had to go with the better character
ARENA 09: Kataoka Yuuki Furude Hanyuu [Segawa Izumi]
I almost vote Hanyuu, but then I saw Izumi
ARENA 10: Sheryl Nome [Minami Kana] Shinku
THE BOSS > the rest
ARENA 11: Saten Ruiko Teletha Testarossa [Miyanaga Saki]
Voting Saki cause rinshian kaihou
ARENA 12: [Amamiya Yuuko] Sonozaki Mion Minase Nayuki
Yuuko really needs more love…
ARENA 13: Misaka Shiori Ayanami Rei [Misaka Mikoto]
Well its not like she has strong opposition
ARENA 14: Ushiromiya Ange [Katagiri Yuuhi] Touyoko Momoko
Sorry Ange, I supported you a lot but right now you are going against someone too high on my list
ARENA 15: [Minami Chiaki] Illyasviel von Einzbern Isurugi Noe
Ahoge > Magic Circuits and Chickens
ARENA 16: [Akiyama Mio] Ichinose Kotomi Uiharu Kazari
Sorry Kotomi, but there is more promise in Mio for the future
ARENA 17: Ryougi Shiki [Kawasumi Mai] Felli Loss
Mai, why is Kanon not being remembered now ;__;
ARENA 18: Senou Natsuru Yuno [Kotegawa Yui]
Just cause she looks the best
ARENA 19: Senjougahara Hitagi Kotobuki Tsumugi [Sanzen’in Nagi]
THIS IS IT!! If Hitagi is to prove she can be someone on ISML, she must defeat someone who ALMOST makes the top 16, twice.
ARENA 20: [Louise Valliere] Kamio Misuzu Winry Rockbell
well…even if she is my less liked of the Kugimiya bunch…I still like Louise
ARENA 21: [Souryuu Asuka Langley] Fujibayashi Ryou Sawachika Eri
Ryou almost catches Hitagi, oh well I liked Asuka
ARENA 22: [Shiina Mafuyu] Maria Sangou Shizuku
THIS IS YOUR GREATEST TEST MAFUYU! On a normal day I would probably vote for Maria, but this time Mafuyu has more to gain
ARENA 23: [Takei Hisa] Kurata Sayuri Kusakabe Misuzu
cmon Hisa! ;__; you are the best Saki girl
ARENA 24: Sonozaki Shion [Lambdadelta] Hinaichigo
I can FINALLY vote for Lambda ❤
ARENA 25: Sakurano Kurimu [Alice] Hiiragi Tsukasa
Go go Alice! you can still top your group!
ARENA 26: Ryuguu Rena [Bernkastel] Kirishima Akari
sorry Rena, but Bern will take you to the tea party
ARENA 27: [Shindou Chihiro] Lisa Niche
Eye patch is better I guess
ARENA 28: [Suigintou] Furukawa Nagisa Saber
If this was ISML 2008, this could’ve been the most intense and anticipated match of the whole preliminaries, what happened Gin-sama?
ARENA 29: Tainaka Ritsu Yin [Tsukimiya Ayu]
cmon Ayu!! uguu~ is still moe!
ARENA 30: Ranka Lee Nagi [Chii]
well….I never liked Nagi

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4 Responses to ISML Prelims, Day 5

  1. Seishi says:

    >someone who ALMOST makes the top 16, twice.

    Way to remind me…

  2. Game8910 says:

    lol sorry, but hey it hurt me too ;__;

    wtf man

  3. sunshinesan says:

    oops, I’m doing similar posts on my blog, and also forgot about the badness of hotlinking images (for some odd reason). I guess I’ll use the text representations from now on.

    Seems like you are quite well versed in all these characters. My ballad is filled with abstains. Though if I didn’t abstain, it would be much worse, for I would be voting blindly at that point.

    One thing that bothered me was you picked Ami because she was the better character, though true, I don’t find her moe at all. I don’t think she was even designed to be moe in the first place.

    • Game8910 says:

      While I agree and I know where you are coming from, after being on a lot of moe tournaments and specially involved on ISML (hell I was there since Aquamrine 1 on ISML 2007 and asked to join by minhtam himself and know pretty much 90% of the staff) I just gave up on trying to keep it at a moe only level lol…if I were to continue with such mentality I would probably be too damn depressed at the results lol

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