ISML Prelims, Day 4

Today’s pick were MUCH more difficult to make than usual…some tough matchups this time

You voted:

Mio is an easy pick this time
Normally I would’ve voted for Kotomi but I really like Yui’s character design
And of course Mai needs more love

Voting Ryou just to see if an upset could happen
Mugi keep winning!!
And of course Nagi is an easy pick

Sorry Maria, but Hisa needs this more than you
Ahhh…finally I can vote for Sayuri \o/

Voting Kaichou for justice
Alice needs to keep winning! ❤
Trolling the vote with Bernkastel

This was the hardest decision to make…I absolutely love both…but Suigintou really needs this more than Ayu this time….so
I wonder if Ritsu can pull another upset
Voting Yin and living the dream

I havent watched To Love Ru but I find myself voting a lot for them…must be the awesome art
Of course The Koromo should keep winning, sorry hamster I like you more but…

White Devil is cruising through these matches
Mikan…I swear im just voting for them cause they look good
Of course Kaede was so moe on the last ep of Nyan Koi

Hmmm….good matches

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One Response to ISML Prelims, Day 4

  1. Cassiopeia says:

    yeah I am living in the dream as well. I would be happy to see Yin takes the 2nd place, but if Yin manages to upser Saber (which I doubt..), I would be delighted. Same for Misuzu and hisa..

    Hisa is my favourite girl from saki, but her fan base is pretty much non-existence. 😦

    and for the to Love ru, I would not recommend watching the anime, since the anime pretty much ruined the manga.. I would recommend reading manga over anime. The ending is a bit disappointing, but the moeness of girls will not disappoint you. Its anime could have been a big hit considering the moeness of girls, but the producer just failed to deliver it properly.

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