[EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch259

There arent a lot of scans this time….maybe later today more will be released and then I’ll update this post but for now im posting what we can get.


And a summary: (Credits to Primuler on AnimeSuki)

Hayate does not recognize Hina in hero suit. He concentrates on rescuing Athena. Isumi tells Hina to break the giant gem above her head. Hina hesitates, but seeing Isumi looking at her, she decides to do it. On the other hand with Nagi’s side, Kinka is dealing with monsters.
Hina manages to break the giant gem. All the monsters disappear, but Hina gets caught by the giant skeleton. But Isumi manages to get one hand free. She calls Sakuya and asks her what changes anything into gold every time it touches(I think it’s because Hina was turning into gold). Sakuya doesn’t seem to know what it is, but Ayumu answers that it’s King Midas. As Isumi managed to know the name, she cuts Midas’s arm and changes the hammer into flame and imbues it onto Masamune.
Hayate confronts Midas.

So Hinagiku did what she came to do, and as expected…she got taken out rather fast but thats ok cause she still helped a lot…but hmm Isumi making the masamune power up even MORE!? Oh boy whatever hopes I had of Hayate using the Shirosakura are gone now….*Sigh* oh well
Climax next chapter, is this it? The final battle? oh boy I need more….

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3 Responses to [EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch259

  1. Wolfnagi says:

    Oh yeah,
    Is chap 258 is already out on MF?????

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