ISML Prelims, Day 3

A new day, new matches and votes

You voted:

Supporting hamster Ayumu and The Koromo…also FUCK I didnt realize I abstained some >_<

Minatsu despite beating Sakura is still high on my list, also Sakura + Kobato combo vote

desu desu desu~ and once again sorry Sakuya, but Akari is god tier…too bad Rika has this one in the bag

I like Tacos but I also like Chizuru, but man…Alice is so fucked on this match, thats why Aria shouldnt be on ISML, not enough people have watched it and know of how truly adorable the characters are. Oh yeah and Izumi ftw

Sorry Mikoto, but Yuuhi is a superior tsundere…oh yeah and CMON PEOPLE SUPPORT ANGE!!!!

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One Response to ISML Prelims, Day 3

  1. Eater-of-All says:

    But… Noe is much more moe! *Obligatory Noe is Moe chant*

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