ISML Prelims, Day 2

Second day is underway, everyone go vote! These are mine

You voted:

Sorry Minatsu, but Kinomoto Sakura is truly one of the legendary moe characters in my list and barely anyone can top her.
I was thinking between Kobato and Isumi but meido Isumi made me swoon

Sorry Sakuya, but its fucking desu~!
I really hate this, I never nominated ARIA girls cause I didnt want to see them get owned on ISML again….BUT I CANNOT HELP BUT SUPPORT THEM FULLY WHEN I SEE THEM HERE ;__; Voting for Akari, no one here comes even close

I liked everyone here, but Izumi is high tier even among Hayate chars so sorry Chizuru and Ami
*Sigh*…again, the only person I would prob vote over Alice Carroll is Shana herself…so there is absolutely no way anyone here can even come close

Voting biribiri, I cant wait to see how much shes powered up ever since Railgun started airing
ALSO EVERYONE VOTE FOR ANGE!!! shes so awesome ;__;
Voting for Yuuhi, one of the better and more underrated Kugimiya Rie tsunderes out there

I like Mai more than Mio, but she is going to win anyways so its not like I’ll get annoyed or anything
Nagi vs Louise huh…Nagi is much supperior so there goes my vote…I swear to god if Ryou wins this…
Cmon Mugi!!! You can do this!!

Yeah Mafuyu! \o/
Now I can finally show my support for Takei Hisa, sorry Lambda
Misuzu cant catch a break huh? Fully supporting Maria

KAICHOU! But trollkastel has a charm that I cant resist
Of course Alice gets my support since she is really high tier in my list
Suigintou was a shock last round, here is to recovery
I wonder if Ritsu can take on Saber as well, technically if she beat Suigintou this shouldnt be difficult
uguu~ why is Nagisa going to win this

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3 Responses to ISML Prelims, Day 2

  1. Chevy787 says:

    Noooooooooooooo SAKUYA

  2. Eater-of-All says:

    Aria ;_;

    Hopefully they won’t lose too badly and safely exit prelims… don’t want to see them get stomped again.

  3. SirWence says:

    I don’t see Saber losing to Ritsu , I just think Suigintou is fairly weaker than she was judged to be. (Recall their horrible DE performance?)

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