ISML Prelims Round 1 Results

Most of the people i voted for won, and some obvious winners are obvious but I did manage to see a few upsets IMO, lets stop wasting time, Im going to comment on the matches I think are worth commenting

Group 1

Akiyama Mio 2198
Ryōgi Shiki 848
Senō Natsuru 464

Obvious winner is obvious here, but im not complaining

Group 2

Senjōgahara Hitagi 1527
Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière 1270
Sōryū Asuka Langley 690

A strong start for Senjougahara fascination by defeating Louise

Kamio Misuzu 989
Fujibayashi Ryō 1213
Kotobuki Tsumugi 1182

Oh cmon really? Ryou over Mugi? Out of all CLANNAD people…why Ryou?

Sawachika Eri 754
Sanzen’in Nagi 1940
Winry Rockbell 742

Oh wow Nagi outperformed here, what a crushing victory

Group 3

Shiina Mafuyu 1667
Takei Hisa 586
Sonozaki Shion 1019

Hell yeah motherfuckers! Mafuyu actually did better than I expected, although the severe lack of votes for Hisa is a little depressing

Group 4

Sakurano Kurimu 1362
Ryūgū Rena 1268
Shindō Chihiro 713


Bernkastel 1180
Lisa 586
Alice 1283

A win for Alice is pure bliss for me

Suigintou 1428
Tainaka Ritsu 1461
Ranka Lee 411

THIS IS THE BIGGEST UPSET OF TONIGHT! Ritsu as a newcoming really just beat Suigintou? she ranked 5th on last year’s round robin (although underperformed on Double Elimination)

For the rest of the results, here is the statistics

click to enlarge

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  1. Wolfnagi says:

    But still informative
    Arigatou Game……

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