ISML Preliminaries are underway!

It has finally begun! The preliminary rounds of the International Saimoe League of 2010 are now underway and I encourage everyone to support!! But enough wasting time! time to reveal who I voted for

You voted:

Even though I never nominated Mio I voted for her because I still strongly support her.
Mai is easily one of the best girls on Kanon so the vote for her was easy.
On the last one I voted for Uiharu just because I havent watched To Love Ru or that other show.

I love tsunderes, so I voted for Asuka..what not Louise? well Louise is TOO tsundere and she annoys me…also Senjougahara Hitagi is not a bad character, but everything Bakemonogatari is seriously overrated (but its not a bad show btw).
Of course I voted Mugi, in this all KyoAni round
And why wouldnt I vote for our favourite rich ojou sama Nagi? The manga only made me like her more than before!

I hate you! why would you put Mafuyu vs Hisa!? But well…even though I prob might like Hisa a bit more as a character…the moe of Mafufu is bounds and leaps superior to Hisa so my vote goes to her, AND EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD TOO!!!
The second one is also very very gay, I liked them all….but I have to go with Maria on this one
Surprised? I nominated Misuzu but mainly cause I couldnt think of anyone else, even though I havent watched Kampfer I’ve read about what Shizuku is capable of…and I loved it

She is fucking KAICHOU! nuff said
I wanted to vote Bern, but ALICE OMFG! ❤
Akari because I dont like the rest

Suigintou ❤ Spread terror on ISML again this year!
Voted Nagisa cause I didnt like anyone else
Uguu~ is moe, to this day and forever, also Saber needs to gtfo moe contests

Minorin because well…only good choice
I went with boku on this, I almost do Yoko
I was sooo close to vote Kotone, but I rewatched Cardcaptor Sakura recently and Tomoyo is win

Hate voting for Nadeko but I had no choice here
Voted for Hayate of course, one of the best on Nanoha
I was thinking on Ui, but Miyako was a much better character

FREAKING HAMSTER FFF YEAH!! Seriously she is sooo underrated even in Hayate no Gotoku! it almost makes me cry
This one was a good one, I like everyone here…but Im going with the HAITEI RAOYUE(sp?) and picking The Koromo
I went with Yomi cause…I dunno

And finally, Nanoha gets an obvious pick for being the best on her series (gtfo Fatefags)
Not much to pick from…but Kaede was so moe on the last ep of Nyan Koi that I caved
I even up voting for the one from the anime I didnt watch cause I dont like the other 2

Well there u have it, everyone go vote at

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4 Responses to ISML Preliminaries are underway!

  1. Maria says:

    Fate > Nanoha

  2. Kyureki(formally Eternal Dreamer) says:

    I say Fate=Nanoha! They just go together too well!

  3. Anise Punter says:

    One day I will figure out what people mean by moe, because Minatsu Shiina and Mafuyu Shiina are both in this, despite having no physical traits or personality traits in common.

    Day 2 I voted for Felli, Isumi (Isumi is just adorable), Maria (<3 maria), Fujibayashi Ryou, Ryou's puni plush clone, and Mafuyu with 24 abstentions.

    I might be missing the point, but I just don't get the concept.

  4. though this is 1 year ago but for me Nanoha > Fate if they both in same category.
    1. Shana (100%)
    ,2. Takamachi Nanoha (98%)
    ,3. Fate Testarossa (96%)
    ,4. Misaka Mikoto (94%)
    ,5. Nagato Yuki (92%)

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