Hayate no Gotoku! ch257 – Resignation or Retry?

You know this chapter ended up being waaay better than I thought it would be, and things might have wrapped up in the hotel for now. ATHENA/HAYATE CHAPTER NEXT PLS!!!

Everyone is jealous of a-tan, even me

Yukiji then suddenly appears all the way from Italy and offers Hina the chance to reveal her problems, when she once again refuses Ayumu takes the offer

Brutal response, but probably the best one

Oh boy...this looks like foreshadowing

Hinagiku x Ayumu end confirmed?

So after the words of advice, Hina and Ayumu have some time to reflect on things, and Hinagiku confesses what happened on that night (which was last night in the manga timeline WTF HATA!!! >_>)

So is this them stepping down? or getting hope?

wow after this chapter I dont know which pairing gained and lost momentum lol in a way u have hina and Ayumu confirming that Hayate x Athena is much much deeper than they could ever reach, but then u have them trying their best anyways? They might be starting to enter the Yoshida Kazumi path at this rate and that would be a big NO!
But they Yukiji also mentions how as long as u have someone with be with in the sad nights its not so bad which REALLY ups a Hina x Ayumu bbf end which I enjoyed, but also the whole deal about things not going the way u want them so u try to use a god’s power which might mean not even Athena will be able to achieve a good end and will eventually have to learn to deal with what she does have (Athena x Machina!? naaah) but yeah people call it slow and I agree on some extend but this chapter ended up being MUCH more awesome than I thought 🙂

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3 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch257 – Resignation or Retry?

  1. Mentar says:

    I read the chapter entirely differently, to be honest.

    Even on the risk of alienating an obvious A-tan shipper, I’d give Hina higher ending chances than Athena (whose chances IMHO were pretty much wiped out by the recent developments). A-tan’s chances were for a short-range conclusion, the way I see it her development is essentially over. And Hayate’s decision was to thank Athena for what she has done for him, and _choose Nagi_ as the girl he has to devote himself from now on. So, I foresee that HnG will run quite a bit longer for now, and the longer it takes, the smaller Athena’s chances. What’s the ending supposed to be? Taking care of Nagi, and then in 5 years getting together with Athena? Where’s the perspective?

    No, my hunch is that Nagi nutcracker-crushed Athena’s chances a few chapters ago. Ayumu essentially handed her baton on to the “hero”. Hina doesn’t look too promising right now, but at least she still has reserves left.

    We’ll have to see.

    • Game8910 says:

      As I mentioned this chapter to me didnt help anyone, in fact it ALMOST made it look like NOT ONE of them is going to win (not even Athena) but well we just have to wait and see about what happens I guess

  2. zodanhko says:

    Lol, Hata sure like to play around with our heads.

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