To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 14&15 – Level 0s aint nothing to mess with

RL is awesome, i can barely update the blog recently and I am now 4 episodes behind on Kobato and 3 on FMA….oh well at least i caught up with railgun 🙂 And no I skipped ep 13 on purpose lame fanservice episodes are lame.

Episode 14:

This was pretty much epilogue mode from the level upper arc, so it was mostly a Saten episode but not that interesting…

But we do get some loli sensei screentime

As Saten attends the extra lessons pretty much cause lollevel0 she meets some familiar faces like the creppy Mugi-chan girl back on like ep 3-4? I dont recall, but hey she was voiced by Tamura, Yukari so I was happy to see her again…

She also got a yuri power up

The episode was pretty much the lollevel0s getting owned in training and trying to learn the secrets of becoming stronger, not that it mattered much in the end rite?

'A' in clairvoyance? So she could become a Saten-lite!! *cue drums*

Also the ending of the episode was kinda weird though….


Lets move on to episode 15 now…

Episode 15:

Hey we got a new OP and ED! I liked the new OP, not as much as the first one but it was still a good one…however the ED IS SO FREAKING AWESOME OMG WIN!!! I havent heard Elisa make a song so upbeat before I was quite pleased and surprised…

So episode 15 is the start of a new arc it seems, I was a bit disappointed that the imouto arc will not be in this anime seeing how there is absolutely no traces of Accelerator or any clone in the new OP….but I guess its a good thing since the arc apparently isnt over yet in the manga and we all know what JC Staff’s track record with original content is…But hey so far this isnt so bad…The episode starts with level 0s teaming up on whoever the hell this minor character was (which I wish we saw more of)

Didnt you get owned last time u said that?

Anyways she got saved by this milk drinking badass who happened to be nearby, apparently theres some kind of gang of level 0s and some spider thing or some shit like that

Insert random and lame spiderman joke here

So Mikoto and Kuroko go investigate this whole thing and eventually invite some trouble but just before the poor people could get a feel of some Misaka shockwaves the milk drinking badass shows up and saves them.

I think this guy came from Seikon no Qwaser

So after meddling some more and finding to hideout of the boss, they use their secret weapon which renders Kuroko useless and Mikoto kinda out of tune (level 5s aint easy to power down it seems)

You could sure use some level upper now huh Biri Biri?

So wait a minute…we dealt with a “Level Upper” which was canon, and now JC Staffs introduces a “Capacity Down” for this arc? oh boy my hopes are high now! But JC Staff has been on a good role recently so I’ll start to trust them once again, dont disappoint me!!

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