So.Ra.No.Wo.To 02 – Tsundere radar activated

Episode 2 of Sora no Woto was what I call a very very loud episode…Kureha is seriously tsun even I was a bit impressed by it. The fact that Kitamura, Eri is the one voicing her only makes it more interesting. Anyways the episode starts off where ep 1 left off, Kanata failing at trumpet playing, and now Rio will teach her how its done

And her dinner, is in hell

After Rio leaves, Kanata enjoys the scenery, and he meets eyes with Kureha

F'ing owned, gg

So as breakfast comes, and after seeing how well build her seniors are…Kanata decides to give it her all! oh yeah also

Seitokai reference in my military anime?

Kureha gets ordered the show Kanata around, which was a pretty humorous scene full of Kureha tsun and Kanata breaking it constantly.

You are in France, you arent few, and even less proud!

Their tour eventually leads them to their pride and joy

I smell final boss fight on this

Of course the tank is in bad shape and it lacks part, but thats Noel’s problem. This episode also shows how the military apparently has this small group here as thier very last priority…by always getting things late and not enought in quantity, etc…which kinda sucks but u know….you ARE a squadron of only girls lol. Anywyas later that day Noel reports a ghost on the premise, which of course sends some girls into high alert mode, but the very reliable Rio comes with a plan


So she sends Kanata and Kureha to investigate…while Kanata is fine and dandy…Kureha is a bit more restless

I thought that was witches *crackle*crackle*

They later on realize the building where the ghost was reported is an old school, they eventually reach a music room, and Kanata gets some weird thoughts

After School Drill Time?

Eventually they never found the ghost, but they found and owl!! Which also happened to be familiar to Rio

Roasted in the oven or gtfo

With the ghost problem never solved, the next morning comes and Rio plays the daily song of sun or w/e

Your pride, its been dropped and dirtied

So at the end of the episode, Kanata gets her own chair for the eating table which was found by Kureha, and how does she respond to the appreciation?

classic - a true tsun

This episode was not bad, but its still not enough to warrant me watching it fully, but it was good enough that if episode 3 is good, this one is a keeper. But hey I have to comment that this anime makes the K-ON style look good, its waaaaaaay better animated than w/e the hell KyoAni did for K-ON!

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