Nyan Koi 12 (END) – Nothing to nyan about

I finally got around to finishing this, hey hey dont look at me like that! I liked the show ok!!?? Anyways this episode picks up where it left off, which was Junpei getting hit full force by the cat curse to the point of growing cat ears. Kotone realizes something was wrong when his Junpei GPS was saying he wasnt moving

Hey that means I'll be able to do it in a couple months

Upon rescuing him from his workplace he is taken to their home for custody, of course Kotone has more things planned

We know who the dominant one is now

So after hearing how Mizuno might know about the curse they decide to make her believe its been solved, so Junpei calls her to her cell which makes her quite dere I must add. Anyways how did he find out her number anyways?

Such a reliable person ❤

The next day Mizuno and Junpei meet at the market…btw Mizuno has never looked more moe before…

oh god thats powerful hnnnnnng

So after executing the plan and pretending as if he had been saved, Nagi who ALWAYS happens to be nearby decides to pull off his protective hat

shit just got serious

After running away, Junpei realizes things are getting worse for him

This isnt good..im PAWsitive.....*cricket*

By the time Misuzno finds him, its too late already and he is a full cat..and his allergies are killing him. Mizuno not knowing who the cat is manages to approach him

Im ok with this.jpg

After Mizuno clearly stated that cat curses are not real (should’ve played dread of the grave here) Junpei miraculously returns to normal, the NATURAL WAY

U could interpret this as a good or bad flag

So after this incident is resolved, we time skip to new years where everyone wishes for something. With Junpei wishing to get closer ro Mizuno, but what about her?

ohohoh Junpei u got it man

And with this, Nyan Koi comes to a close…BUT WAIT!! A letter from Junpei’s father comes

Seriously? hmm I guess I'll watch it

Final Thoughts: I started this anime after hearing so much about how funny it was, so I picked it up mid season and I found it enjoyable enough to watch ep 1-6 in 1 sitting. However I never found it to be as funny as some claimed it…dont get me wrong it was still fun and enjoyable but this is nothing close to watch Seto no Hanayome brought in comedy. Anyways still a nice anime with good animation and characters. I would recommend this one if u wanna watch a nice romance/comedy

The Final Verdict:
Story – 7.5/10
Animation – 8.5/10
Sound – 7/10
Characters – 8/10

Overall – 7.5/10

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One Response to Nyan Koi 12 (END) – Nothing to nyan about

  1. Anonymous says:

    yay!! go kaede and junpei yall should be together

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