Hatsukoi Limited: Limited Girl 6 (END) – A TRUE GENTLEMAN!

I never blogged about these but I was following them as they were released. I thought they were enjoyable little specials, and this last one was no disappointment either…JC Staff had fun doing this one huh? The last time we saw her she got wet in the art room and Zaitsu realized the dark truth behind her classmate (she forgot her underwear for those not following)

Minorin hates self declared air-heads

Btw Soako = Soaked? I just thought I’d throw that out there…

So to dry off her clothes she decided to use a heater she found, of course she comes to a terrifying realization


Without any other choice she locks herself up in the room and proceeds

Beware of that table...Japan's #1 sex tool

After waiting for her clothes to dry she falls asleep, the classmates worried try to enter the room but Zaitsu becomes the hero that stops them and sends them home

Dont you feel special?

He decides to do the right thing because he is A TRUE GENTLEMAN!

I told you he was...

And so, he unlocks the door and enters the room, Andou shocked to see him enter gets ready for rape, but no worries THE TRUE GENTLEMAN WOULD NEVER RAPE THE WEAK

A gentleman? or a pussy? YOU DECIDE!

After pulling such a move and helping her get ready to leave, there is only 1 obvious outcome for this


And so, keeping with the serie’s motto, this special ends with the special words

Only a few know that answer

Final Thoughts: this was just for fanservice dont kid yourself…but it was at least funny, so I liked it. Another good job by JC Staff

The Final Verdict:
Story – 7/10
Animation – 8.5/10
Sound – 7.5/10
Characters – 7/10

Overall – 7/10

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One Response to Hatsukoi Limited: Limited Girl 6 (END) – A TRUE GENTLEMAN!

  1. Maria says:

    I haven’t watched any of the specials yet.

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