Hanamru Youchien 01 – Kids grow up TOO fast

Watching the first episode of this anime I came with a bit of caution as a title such as this would mostly attract the most high leveled and darkest kinds of lolicons the internetz can offer, however to my relief this show ended up being much more enjoyable that I had anticipated…although there were still a few issues that were a bit sketchy lol

For example, as soon as the main character Tsuchida who is about to start his first day as a male kindergarten teacher, he encounter his soon-to-be student Anzu, and upon saying a brief greeting, things have already spiraled out of control.

In Japan, saying hi to a girl gets you in jail

Upon arriving on his job place, he goes to start his activities, when he meets with the beautiful Yamamoto-sensei and its love at first sight!

Angels decend from the heavens!

I am not going to lie, she is the sole reason I even picked up this anime…Why you ask? she is being voiced by the SUPER-AWESOME  Hazuki, Erino (Akari from ARIA), she has such a wonderful voice, yet she has such few roles in animes that whatever little she can do I just HAVE to at least try. The mere fact that Tsuchida is being voiced by Hino, Satoshi(Yuji on Shakugan no Shana) was an added bonus, listening to an Erino-Hino duo was surprisingly refreshing, I am looking for ward to more interation between them.

Moving on…on the introduction assembly Tsuchida introduces himself etc…and Anzu recognizes him, bringing out the terrible secret out

O.W.N.E.D. gg man, better luck next life

Upon such alarming rumours Tsuchida tries his best to defend his status, which only makes it worse

Your life is over already, stop trying

So after the incident we learn that Anzu’s mom knew Tsuchida since high school, and we enter flashback mode…which actually revealed some scary stuff

oh wow... >_>

So we got some early marriage here, and with a university student she said? I guess thats acceptable

.....OH WOW O_o

HAHAHAHA seriously!? shes already pregnant? oh shitz now THAT is pretty unusual stuff right there…But im not judging ^_^

Back into real time mode, at Anzu’s home


….WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN…So were are talking underaged marriage/pregnancy here? Damn this is Nadeshiko x Fujitaka all over again…oh Anzu will grow up to be a fine young lady im sure! Anyways that night, Tsuchida eats his ramen and plays some games…LIVING THE DREAM!

oh boy is that sum DQ8 I see?

So he arrives to work late again, but at the gates Tsuchi meets his future wife, or at least as she now calls herself, Anzu.

A mother guides the daughter down the right path, always

Of course Tsuchi protests such a move, and knowing Sakura (Anzu’s mom) she looks damn serious

1) She'll still be under 18. 2) The guy will be like 30.

I cower in fear at Sakura’s mindset…but thats what makes the show funny…oh yeah we also got introduced to the other 2 main kids the quiet Hiiragi and the shy Koume, im sure we’ll see plenty of them soon.

Impressions: This show is funnier than I ever expected, its not laugh out loud funny but damn it was still good comedy for sure, I enjoyed this one…if episode 2 is as god, im sold!

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3 Responses to Hanamru Youchien 01 – Kids grow up TOO fast

  1. Maria says:

    This show seems so wrong…

  2. Eater-of-All says:

    Don’t worry, these kids are so young even KS won’t touch them.

    And Hiiragi is clearly superior to Anzu!

  3. Chroah says:

    If only GAINAX could come out will some GARness, then all this pedophile crap would be forgotten…

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