Hayate no Gotoku! ch255 – Brilliant!

Wow there has been A LOT of older Hayate chapters released lately, which is good since the gaps in the scanlations are almost done by now, but never mind that this post is about the epic happening right now

After entering Athena’s mansion Hayate find her and Isumi captive by Midas. Athena finally confronts Hayate 1 more time! With swords!

Oh god Athena's smile ❤

Since Hayate seems too dumb to just tell her directly that the stone has been destroyed already Athena continues to pressure him to give it to him by force, and a sword fight breaks loose. Even though neither of them are going all out it is clearly obvious Athena is stronger. She decides to explain to Hayate that the huge stone on top of them is a failed replica of the King’s Jewel which only summons mythical beasts to this world…so she decides to use that method to try to blackmail Hayate to give her the stone.

ohohoh A-tan u sew evil!!

As monsters start being summoned in the hotel where everyone is, Hayate decides to reach Athena 1 last time, this time he looks extremely serious as he just pulls off some crazy shit suddenly…..


Wow so even that flash of light back in the final chapters of the End of the World arc meant something….I dont know if Hata was pulling plot out of his ass or he actually planned this from the beginning, but either way this was glorious and it only helps strengthen my respect and love for Athena as one of the most kind and noble character in the series. God she really has gone through a lot and the stuff she has pulled just to try to keep Hayate happy seriously makes me wonder how much I will rage when Hata puts her on the same “friend zoned” throne as Hinagiku and the rest of the female cast pretty much. Athena really deserves a happy ending….Cannot wait for chapter 256…oh god this wait is killing me D:

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One Response to Hayate no Gotoku! ch255 – Brilliant!

  1. Maria says:

    Hayate didn’t suck in this chapter!

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