Aki Sora ch13-15 – Sora’s checklist grows

So after reading chapters 13 to 15 of Aki Sora I can only be amazed at how everyone in this series seems to just throw themselves at Sora…if Hayate no Gotoku! and this manga have proven something to me is that guys that can crossdress as girls seems to be the best at attracting girls. Specifically talking about chapter 15…this time Sora’s dick charm seems to have done the impossible and break the unbreakable, because Nami, his twin sister who all this time has been on a yuri-yandere rampage over her best friend has now fallen for the sexual intensity of her own brother. After that entire incident with the scissors and Nami pretty much raping Sora, it seems her yuri vibes where shattered by Sora’s manhood stick, because now she wanted more and try it again, of course this time she knows its him >_> Well thats all I had to say about these chapters, we really need more Saki Runa chapters, this manga can get a bit boring without her IMO…

Well fuck...you un-lesbian'd your own sister, what a champ

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One Response to Aki Sora ch13-15 – Sora’s checklist grows

  1. Maria says:

    They should have family sex time!

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