The Legend of Koizumi preview – 1 more time, mahjong is awesome

Just when I thought Saki was one of the most outrageous mahjong animes out there, I had the chance to watch the 7 minute preview of the OVA for the Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku series, and I can say it now that this is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen lol.

Basically, imagine a world where all political problems could be solved with mahjong…now to that add the fact that everyone playing is GAR and manly as fuck, and they bring mahjong hax that Saki and Koromo could ever dream of, and you have yourself a recipe for epic. Lets run through this small preview to see what im talking about.

The main character of this series is the former prime minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi

Real vs Anime version, the clear winner is obvious

However as soon as he is introduced things go wrong


Somewhere at sea in an aircraft carrier we have Taizo, who seems to be Koizumi’s pretty wimpy assistant waiting for his arrival to start some business over a mahjong game, the opponent?

Kim Jong Il in an anime? or god

Despite being shot 3 times in the chest, real men dont miss their meetings, and without fail Koizumi arrives to start the party

Why cant real life politics be this awesome?

However as soon as the game starts he collapses due to his blood loss and well…HAVING BEEN SHOT IN THE FUCKING CHEST 3 TIMES!!

lol well no shit

However a real man always finishes what he starts

So was the real Koizumi this awesome?

After a deadly richii from Kim, Taizo is left on a losing position, but just then help arrives to take his position.

ohoho shit just got real

After making a lot of dangerous discards and putting Kim and his son in a bad position he decides to resign from the game

oh Kim why u so crazy


Aso Taro just fucking countersnipped the guy...holy shit

After getting rid of the nuisance, Koizumi readies his special hand and deals the finishing blow.

Rinshian Kaihou has nothing on this

After losing the match however, Kim leaves 1 last present as a thank you gift

LOL Korean propaganda at its best, Moe Kim?

Facing the threat of a nuke, Koizumi jumps on a nearby fighter yet and decides to handle it himself, independence day style, like a true leader.

A face that knows no fear, even against nuclear power

After taking care of the nuke and somehow manage to live….some people were watching the whole time….

Taking on the communists again huh?

Impressions: For 7 minutes this was one of the best things I’ve seen so far in terms of pure over the top awesome lol. The manga even goes further with characters like the GARPope, Vladimir Putin, etc…This is now an OVA I will watch without a doubt when it is released on February. Until then…i’ll be waiting. And for those reading…if u havent seen it yet…do it now!

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One Response to The Legend of Koizumi preview – 1 more time, mahjong is awesome

  1. Akagi says:

    Saki is nothing.

    If you want some real hardcore manly Mahjong action that radiates GAR with every dealing of a tile then you need to check out some God-tier Mahjong animu – Mahjong Legend Akagi and Legendary Gambler Tetsuya.

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