[EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch255

I wanted to post this way earlier but I had a lot of internet problems and then had to go to work and now that im back…had MORE internet problem but now here I am posting this FINALLY!!

WOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOW!!!!! This chapter is shaping up to be pretty fucking epic, no….IT IS FUCKING EPIC!!! I might have to crown this arc the best one in the series soon if it keeps going like this, but for now enough of me fanboying, and lets post some SPOILER PICS!!! These pics were completely out of order so I tried my best to try to put them in order as they happened.


GODDAMMIT WOW THIS LOOKS EPIC!!! It looks like Hayate finally got through to Athena! And it seems that 2nd thing he wanted to tell her for 10 years now was actually “Thank you for taking care of me”. Depending on who you have sided with this could be awesome of horrible news lol, since such words totally yell “FRIEND ZONED” to me. Well I never actually expected an Athena end and seeing the developments that have happened recently, I can say im not suprised about this….however does Hayate still like her or not? chapter 239-240 really hasnt been resolved without him actually stating it clearly…oh well thats prob for later…but for now, allow me to bask in the glory that is dere Athena!!

Also a translation of the chapter (first half) courtesy of Primuler from AnimeSuki:

Hayate tells Athena that he’s not here to fight with her. Athena asks him to then hand over the stone. Hayate says that he can’t. Athena says that she’s not asking him to hand the stone over, but is ordering him to.

Chapter 255 [The First Word]

Athena pushes Hayate into corner, and there comes flashback. Sakuya asks about what Isumi meant by ‘the stone will bring destruction of the world’. Isumi says that she doesn’t know very well either. She says that there’s a castle where the god’s power is sealed. She says it was written that the stone uses the explosion of one’s burdened emotions (can’t find better word for that) to open the way to the castle. Hayate and Sakuya ponders about what she said. Back to the present, Hayate thinks ‘The castle where the god’s powers are sealed?’.

Athena tells Hayate that he has gotten stronger past 10 years, enough to think about something else during the fight, and she says that she’s happy. She then tells him that but he shouldn’t think that he’s the only one who has gotten stronger. Athena says that Hayate is restraining his powers so that she does not get hurt. Athena tells Hayate that even if he fights back with all his might like Isumi, his sword won’t be able to reach her. Athena tells him to hand over the stone. Hayate says that it’s impossible.

Athena says that then she will use direct methods. If Hayate, who has opened the way once, has the stone, it doesn’t matter.

She says that Sanzenin Mikado must have given Hayate the stone for that reason as well. Athena points at the giant stone above and asks Hayate if he knows what it is. Of course, Hayate doesn’t know. Athena tells him that it’s the replica of the stone. A failed one. She says that the more power she pours into that stone, the more monsters in mythology like the one Hayate encountered comes to life. Like in this castle, or in the town nearby… like at a party in some hotel…Miki and Lisa are chatting merrily that the party is very enjoyable. Athena threatens Hayate to either hand over the stone, or open the way or defeat her. Hayate asks her why does she have to do something like that to get the stone.

If more comes out i’ll post it

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6 Responses to [EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch255

  1. Anise Punter says:

    Hopefully she sends a bunch of mythological monsters after Miki and that’s the end of her 🙂

  2. @olfnagi says:

    Hey game,
    where did you get those spoilers anyway?
    I check out at MF and only find five pages (or maybe seven?)
    Anyway, like always,

  3. hgj says:

    maybe he has three things to say now, its not like he knew he loved here when he said he had two things

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