So.Ra.No.Wo.To 01 – Trumpetah!?

Fuck my life, I had finished writing this post and then my browser died BEFORE I could save the draft so I just had to rewrite the whole thing….anyways….

The winter season is underway, and no better way to start things off than with the second season of K-ON! the new A-1 production, Sora no Woto. I have to admit the show is not a lot like I was expecting in terms of plot. I was going into this show expecting a slice of life K-ONesque type anime with girls playing in their military band….but so far the show has given us some hints at what might actually be some actual defined plot. So now my interest in this show has gone up a couple notches. The OP song is pretty good too, its a relaxing but enjoyable song at fits the atmosphere very well. And then there is the ED…where the anime showed its true colors! I was actually a little surprised at how happy and upbeat it was…because the entire first episode didnt give off that atmosphere…but it was still good and enjoyable I guess. You can watch both on this video and judge yourself

Moving on to the actual episode, from the get go they introduce us to our main character Hirasawa Yui Sorami Kanata

Surely she isnt a retard-moe type character

She reveals she joined the military to learn to play music…(no light music club where u came from?). And she carries her little trumpet with her everywhere she goes. She is driven to the town she will be staying, and after getting dropped off there, she must now get to her assigned location on her own. The little scene following looked a little similar though.

Surely...she cant be the same...right? *also click to enlarge*

After wandering around town, she is ambushed by the townspeople, who go crazy and war breaks out between them. The bloodshed is immediately eminent as poor Kanata is wounded severely

The cruelty of war

To my big disappointment there was no war, and the people in the town where just drunk or something and were spraying orange water of some shit…either way Kanata is taken home to Mio Rio’s place where she cleans herself.

Moeblob status = confirmed

After being out to the veranda and contemplating the view, the necklace she was carrying gets stolen by an owl…of all animals…anyways by now she is already way late to report to the place she was supposed to be…but it doesnt seem like its bothering them.

Snake Eater? in my moeblob animu?

Even though she is already late, Kanata decides to take priority on finding the necklace than completing her mission given by her by the GODDAMN MILITARY! But hey at least we know she has the guts to pull some military shit considering all shes doing for that damn thing

Kanata could be stealth ops

While doing such a brave act of searching, she recalls the story Mio Rio told her about the Fire Maidens and the reason there is a festival in the city.

well thats a little more grim than I expected

So basically the demon fucks up everyone’s shit, and then the maiden sent by god or something come ro so I think…


I was interesting how they used the actual characters for the people drawn in their murals while explaining the legend, is this come kind of foreshadowing or something? Could we have future demon fighting? on my moeblob animu?

Yeah...I can see this having a serious plot

So after Kanata finds the necklace, which by the way according to anime laws its ALWAYS stuck on incredibly dangerous places when found. Tried to grab it and falls to the lake. Having such a massively big bag with her obviously makes her sing fast, by then she witnesses something….

OH SHI- its real!? I can see it resurrecting

After ignoring all kinds of physics laws and swimming to the shore without effort even while carrying the HUGE bag, Kanata uses her trumpet to signal that she is trapped. Luckily Mio Rio who was just nearby performing for the festival hears it and comes to the rescue. After waking up she is finally where she should have been all along..and there Rio teaches her a few things.

Formerly know as the Temple of Time it seems

For those who want to listen to the song played by Rio click here.

So after playing her “Song of Sun” and making the morning come suddently…She lets Kanata play the morning song for the people in the town, and of course, she fails horribly.

Impressions: I was a little surprised by this, I can say this episode was not at all what I was expecting the song to be like, it way more serious than I thought it would be…but this is not a bad thing. I will watch 1 more episode, if they can get my interest then I will continue to follow this…for now, its on the “maybe” pile

You can find all the So-Ra-No-Wo-To episodes for download and discussion at

So-Ra-No-Wo-To Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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  1. Maria says:

    Aww the vid with op/ed got removed.

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