Seitokai no Ichizon 12 (END) – Too soon…

Sorry about the delay…with all the holiday festivities and wasting my life on Umineko ep5 and 6….I kinda neglected the blog for a bit…but now I’m back and ready to update like a mad dog!! What better way to start the new year than with Seitokai no Ichizon!!

*Sigh* So after 12 episodes, we finally come to the end, this was one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen on 2009, so its a shame that its finished so soon.

But good things always end, and this is no exception…come, let us enjoy this 1 last time!


The last episode picks up where it self off, with Mafuyu confessing to Sugisaki, and boy was I suprised when she did

These were my exact same thoughts

However things wont go as smoothly since all Mafuyu wanted to do was to expresses her own feeling and nothing else


Of course to Ken this is unacceptable behaviour when it comes to confessions, as it follows a very delicate process

This is how it should always be

So having just shrugged off her confession like that (which kinda sucked) they decide to move on and talk about their futures. Of course Ken is always trying to provide guidance

Minatsu does not approve for some weird reason

Mafuyu however has different ideas about her future, with an extra added dose of HNNNNGGG

Moe boxing? SOMEONE FUND IT!!

After moving on from Mafuyu, Minatsu also declares her dreams for the future, but after being a bit reluctant Ken finally forces her to say it

Oh god I had the exact same reaction orz

Of course Ken jumps right at the opporunity, dere minatsu is guaranteed…could she become the next victim of Ken’s harem fantasy?

Thats a lot of kids....but hey I wouldnt mind either

After Minatsu, we move on to Chizuru, and as expected not even our worst thoughts could possibly compare to what she is scheming for the future xD

Chizuru would make an awesome character on Baccano or something

And of course they say they smallest people have the biggest dreams, and Kurimu’s dream is certainly big

Shinigami!? Death would taste like happiness? I dont mind

And finally we move on to Ken which of course confirms the obvious

Trust me your are already close to achieving that dream

However Ken has some other ambitions for the future, some that I would personally love to see become reality, like him creating his own Eroge company

If this was true Key's H-scenes wouldnt be so crappy xD. Also lol 2chan

Of course his real goal in life however, is one that can be achieved by polygamy it seems

With a harem, anything is possible

Of course the girls seem to like to play hard to get as they downright refuse that dream…

It was at that time that everything chances gears in a split second, with the sudden appearance of the real countepart to Mafuyu’s boy-love partner for Ken…Nakameguro!

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

Mafuyu obviously wastes no time in trying to fulfill her dreams

It appears her confession is overshadowed by her BL-love

After Nakameguro explains that he needs someone to walk home with after school every day, Mafuyu’s alarms trigger even more. She even tries a moe attack, all in the name of her beloved BL dream

If she asked me like that...I'd prob do it.... orz

So after agreeing to take him home “forcefully”. Mafuyu has to monitor the situation to make sure all the right BL flags are in place.

Mafuyu is really tapping into her inner Sugisaki...omg shes perfect for him!! >_<

While walking home with Nakameguro, Ken slowly thinks to himself how much like a girl this little man looks, of course such thoughts are forbidden for him, and with good reason…no matter how feminine he might look, he is no Jun, or Hayate, or hell even Sora (Aki Sora) would make a better pick…n-not that I would actually want to pick one….r-right?

Sinful thoughts are not permitted! Now if it was Echo-of-Death nii-san...

After arriving at the bus stop, the classic “Seitokai serious mode” begin, now I usually find these pretty useless and sometimes not that great….however this time they really did manage to get me attached to what was happening. After discussing with Nakameguro about him being weak, Sugisaki answers him by telling him how he himself was weaker and needed the help of 4 people to reach the place he is now. This revealed some rather interesting facts about the past relationships between the members of this student counsil. First up…Sakurano Kurimu, whom he met in spring.

OMG IT WAS ALL YOUR DOING!!! And you even forgot about it!! щ(゚Д゚щ)

And then, the other members at different times in his life…

A different girl for each season, thats pretty neat!

This is really interesting and it explains the background effects each character has in the OP (Kurimu – petals, Minatsu – radiance, Chizuru – leaves, Mafuyu – snow)
It also gives meaning to their names:

Sakurano Kurimu – Sakuras bloom on spring
Shiina Minatsu – ‘natsu’ part means summer
Shiina Mafuyu – ‘fuyu’ part means winter
Akaba Chizuru – ‘aka’ part, although slighty changed, means fall

After having told a story that has been deep in his heart, he spots Aka-chan and sneak attacks their followers

The harem should never do act against their master!!

After clashing 1 last time, the show unfortunately starts to wrap things up… 😦

I have to admit, this was a pretty damn nice scene

We are shown a small flashback to Ken’s entrance into the studen cousil, declaring his love for all the girls and his wishes to make them happy as the first thing he says to them.

a fitting start for an upcoming hero

With this, Seitokai no Ichizon comes to a close, as one of the most enjoyable shows of the Fall season.

Unfortunately...its true

Final Thoughts: I was looking forward to this show ever since I read the synopsis back on august. However, I never once thought I would enjoy it as much as I ended up doing. Parody comedies can be a hit or miss depending on how well its executed, and fortunately this one was handled very nicely. I have to admit the drama moments on this series were mostly pretty dull IMO, but it wasnt so bad as to ruin the episodes itself. The characters were highly enjoyable and it literally took me like 10 episodes to think of who it was I really liked most from the girls (Sugisaki Ken was an instant winner though). Studio DEEN really nailed it for this anime, and I can only hope in the future we see more of Seitokai because even now I am starting to miss it. How does a second season sound?

FFFFUUUU!!! Her hobby is teasing we cant trust her words

My Final Verdict:

Story: 7.5/10
Animation: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Characters: 9.5/10

Overall: 8.9/10

You can find all the Seitokai episodes for download and discussion at

Seitokai no Ichizon Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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4 Responses to Seitokai no Ichizon 12 (END) – Too soon…

  1. ZC says:

    Wait wut there was a story?

  2. Maria says:

    The show was alright… 7/10 for me

  3. Jumperboy333 says:

    Great review!
    I have to agree with you that Seitokai is ”serious mode” was really weird and it felt misplaced.
    I’d give the story a 7.
    Don’t agree with the animation though… It felt lazy and sometimes the movement was real ugly. (Yeah, I pay attention to some of the small details.)
    Didn’t pay attention to the music…
    And I also liked the characters, but a 9,5 is still a bit high… I’d rate it a 8,5. Because of Chizuru. ❤ Aka-chan was a little bit too annoying for me.

  4. Wolfnagi says:

    nice review game….
    though I would give it 8.8/10,
    the story is kinda dull,
    but nice at the same time

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