Umineko no Naku Koro ni 26 (END) – Final Thoughts

It has ended….after 26 episodes Umineko’s anime adaptation of the first 4 arcs of the VN has ended, and it ended on a pretty good note IMO.

The episode starts directly after Ange’s moment, now that she understands true magic she heads over to the Golden Land where Beatrice and Maria are hiding and forces her to return to the game. She also questions her abilities as a witch since she couldnt revive Sakutarou

A bold statement from Ange

And then even though this is Beatrice’s world Ange manages to revive Sakutarou on her own

When did she power up so much!?

After having shown such power, Maria agrees to leave the Golden Land which causes it to crumble…Beatrice really has nowhere to run anymore huh? Sucks to be her really

Thats a pretty awesome title, but how come u cant revive your Battler yet?

Now that Beato cant run away anymore, Bernkastel also finds the once non-existent Battler and forces him to return as well, of course he is all emo and shit because of having been denied but Ange uses her blue truth to prove that even if Battler is not born from Asumu, he is still Ushiromiya Battler and Kinzo’s grandchild. With that in play Battler can continue to play with Beatrice. After trying to get him to remember his family and everything apparently Ange couldnt hold back herself anymore….

fucking d'awwwwwww ;A;

However it wasnt a good move…


Having revealed the truth of her identity, Ange ceased to exist and was killed slowly and painfully ;_: However this gave Battler enough anger and motives to return and challenge the witch 1 more time, without holding back. Battler this time unleashes his blue truth.

Poor Goldsmith never even existed?

Battler’s main offensive line is his argument of Kinzo is already dead, therefore the 18th person on the island is the culprit X, however when Beatrice mentions the 4th game and how Kinzo showed up in front of everyone, Kinzo’s existence was the 1 thing still blocking Battler from getting to her, which for some reason makes him turn into a dragon…

FUCK YOU IM A DRAGON!! also lolDEENdragons

However Battler was able to counterattack, and Beatrice did not counter his argument with red so…

This is the most surreal showcase of "the truth hurts" I've ever seen

Even though Beatrice asked Battler to finish her off it seems he realized she wasnt serious and tells her to stop the bullshit and get serious…didnt Battler get his ass owned so many times before BECAUSE she was being “somewhat” serious?!?

FFFFFFFF so because There are no more than 18 people on this island is technically still true because 17 < 18, it was able to be said in red…goddammit…

But unlike the other games this time Battler was able to continue his reasonings for the killings, even if they started drifting into the “wtf is this shit” category like a clockwise triple murder, people triggering “trap X”, and of course…

almost looks like some small bomb went off in her in that last screen

As Battler kept explaining all the murders with even more ridiculous logic, Beatrice started to get impaled by the blue truth….until they reached the final argument that destroyed Battler back in ep 3….the wall of red that EVA-Beatrice left about Nanjo’s murder.

Why couldn't you think of this back in the 3rd game?

After finally having solved most of the crimes, Beatrice asks Battler one last favour….which to be honest I was a bit surprised to hear

Looks like being Lambda's toy is not so fun after all

So as the 4th game comes to a close, Beatrice leaves Battler with 1 last final riddle for him to solve…which is the fact that Battler is the only one alive in the island right now, but he will get killed now….

Another bomb?

There is a lot of theories about what this riddle means….I did hear some good ones about it being a bomb that destroyed the mansion and killed everyone or the storm itself did it…does this mean the real culprit died already? So much left unresolved!! >_<

Oh yeah after the credits however…We see Bern and Lambda in a random world, and thank god Battler wasnt there…


So after declaring how Battler sucks…they also harshly declare Beato’s fate…guaranteeing it as the Witch of Certainty and the Witch of Miracles

Battler victory confirmed

With this, the anime version of Umineko no Naku Koro ni concludes…will be ever see Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru? I can only pray the DVD sales pick up a bit more so we can see an adaptation because the way its going right now…things dont look good for DEEN.

Final Thoughts: Despite all the criticism that this anime version has been getting by those who played the VN, this was still a good adaptation and this was still a good anime. A story as long as this one was hard to condense into 26 episodes, because if u wanted a proper full adaptation this anime alone for ep 1-4 could run for another 4-5 more episodes…so at least DEEN tried. My only complain was the lack of the proper music for certain scenes. But in the end I highly enjoyed season 1 of Umineko way more than I enjoyed season 1 of Higurashi thats for sure…since I thought Higurashi 1 was pretty boring after the first arc. I must also bow to the amount of talent that went into the voice cast of this show, almost all my favourite VAs had a role in this anime, its pretty incredible. In the end this is how I rate Umineko no Naku Koro ni, the anime

My Final Verdict:
Story: 8/10
Animation: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Character: 8.5/10

Overall: 8.5/10

You can find all the Umineko episodes for download and discussion at

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Dirct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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  1. Maria says:

    Nice ending for Umineko.

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