[EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch254

Things are getting better and better and this week…I thought last chapter was the last chapter of the year….but I was wrong it seems…AND HOW AWESOME IT IS THAT I WAS!!!


ok wow…so much going on….also LOL seriously Hata? A minotaur? How did that happen? Well anyways ignoring the minotaur, it seems Machina wasnt as much of a problem as I thought he would be since Ginka seemed to restrain him pretty easily. But then oh damn its that clock from the royal garden again! how is it connected to Midas and Athena and the stone? And it seems that Isumi really was no match for Athena now that she has been captured. But now ITS THE FINAL MATCH HAYATE VS ATHENA ON SWORDS! Hayate should have no chance vs Athena’s skill but their last serious match was 10 years ago so……yeah I cant wait for this

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2 Responses to [EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch254

  1. nodny10 says:

    great blog as always game8910! so Machina has been bribed by hamburgers? hahaha his love for hamburgers has overridden his desire to get his revenge i guess..

    Hayate x Atene has been replaced by
    Hayate VS Atene

  2. Alviam099 says:

    heeh as Nod-niisama said the A-tan and Hayate became like that 😀

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