Pandora Hearts ch44 – Head Hunter

Ohohoho!!! This was another awesome chapter of Pandora Hearts, and Oz continues to get more awesome as time passes.

The chapter starts with Oz, Gil, Sharon, and Alice going to the magician’s house who guards the seal. Once they reach the mansion however, they are attacked by a mysterious young lady.


While she attacks Oz discovers the room is filled with mirrors which hide her real position, Sharon who tried to use Eques failed to do so as apparently no one can call their chains in this place…however as she approaches to attack Oz…


But just when Oz (who somehow was able to use his powers) was about to finish her off, Alice stops him

I kinda d'awwwww here

So after this, the real sorcerer appears and it shows them the place with the seal, and saying how only B-Rabbit had the power to break the protective field which stops people from using chains. After seeing the seal Oz reflects a little and wonders when Jack will finally tell him everything about Sabrie. While on their way out the guy gives Oz a box and tell him that inside should give him a clue as to where he should go next. Once they left however, as soon as Marie closes the doors, something happens

wait WHAT!?

Someone managed to sneak inside and claimed to be the “Head Hunter”, killing everyone inside the mansion and taking their heads….seriously messed up

Holy unexpected plot twists!!!

with an end like that….I have nfi whats happening, but man does it get me excited for next chapter out next year ;__;

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