Holiday Break?

Same goes for me

Tomorrow I will be leaving for my uncle’s house in Michigan for the christmas/new years holidays. Although there is an internet connection there, I am still unsure if he has a wireless connection, in the event that there is no wireless connection at his house I will not be able to update this blog much for the next 2 weeks until after new years…so yeah I’ll try to see what I can do to get me my weekly animu and MAYBE try to blog it here. I guess in the meantime I’ll use this time to finish all the Visual Novels I have in queue since I dont really need internet for those…

If there is a wireless connection I’ll update it here (but its not like im doing it for you people like Mafuyu said). I really REALLY hope there is since I would be missing the finales for Seitokai no Ichizon, Umineko, and 11Eyes and that will drive me insane…at least there is no new Hayate chapter until next year so I wont have to worry on that front.

On other news I have now caught up on the Umineko VN up to where the anime is, I have stopped playing it until I watch the final ep of the anime so I can at least enjoy it without complains (ignorance is bliss).

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4 Responses to Holiday Break?

  1. Chevy787 says:

    Tsundere Game

  2. Blowen says:

    YOU have too much time on your hands
    i wish i could all that.

  3. manga.lover says:

    i have a question.. this picture above it’s of which anime..??
    it’s really important..
    thank you :))

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