Hayate no Gotoku! ch253 – The choice

Finally! After having endured a long drought of no new Hayate chapters, chapter 253 is out and it doesn’t disappoint. Hata mentioned Hayate would make his choice here and just as promised he did.

After Nagi crushed the stone Hayate has a time to think and he realized that the person he wants to protect the most is indeed Nagi, with this realization he finally finds an answer as to what to do.

A lot of nice Nagi art this chapter too

This is probably the biggest thing Hayate has ever said

This is a really important declaration here, lets analyze it more. Hayate has realized the one he wants to protects the most is Nagi, but he has also declared in the past that the person he loves is Athena…unless his mind about that has changed in only 2 nights (yeah its only been like 2 days in the past 14 chapters) I really doubt that his feelings for Athena are still over. There is also the 2 things he had to say to her, its obvious the first one is apologize, but the second one is unknown….maybe he still wants to tell her he loves her, but now there is a problem. Hayate has now mentioned that unless he saves Athena, he cant move on, these words are actually pretty important since it could very well mean that Hayate wants to closure with Athena right now so he can return to his normal everyday life. If this is the case then we could very well see Athena get knocked back to the same playing field as Ayumu, Hinagiku, Maria, etc…What do you think? To further prove the point…

He is not going as Ayasaki Hayate?

So last time Hayate went as Ayasaki Hayate to talk to Athena and possibly confess his feelings, but this time its different; this time he is going to save Athena not as Hayate but as the butler of the Sanzenin Family…so does this mean that regardless of what happens Hayate wont confess? Or does he even still feel like he did back in chapter 239? The last couple of chapters have reaffirmed and confirmed for sure that the Nagi ending is 100% definitive (not romantic) so now Im really curious to see how Hayate will deal with Athena. Chapter 254 where!!!!!

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2 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch253 – The choice

  1. Hayate Lover-MJA says:

    I really love hayate no gotoku and I want it to have a good ending… Hikss… GBU Hayate T-T

  2. nagi says:

    your right i like hayate too ohh buy the way my name is nagi i hope that nagi and hayate will be the perfect match

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