To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 12 – Level up!

The end of the level upper arc is here, and this was another great episode of Railgun and a pretty satisfactory end to the arc. The first minute is pretty much the last scene of ep 11 with the fetus being born because of the network overload, and Mikoto who decides to attack it notices that the  creature can regenerate and the more it is attacked the worse the situation gets

And uglier!

The existence of this fetus however, appears to have caused the patients to go into some kind of seizure of some kind of painful experience all 10000 people where screaming in the hospital (Saten was prob too). While Mikoto tries to stop that thing Kiyama can still  crack some jokes it seems xD

Definitely not a noble peace price

Uiharu catches up to her and she explains the origin of the monster, and she decides to call it the AIM Burst

Couldnt those kids think of a cuter figure for that thing? lol

Uiharu decides to use the uninstall program she got last episode to see if it can stop the monster, meanwhile Anti-Skill tries fighting the monster but they arent of much use…and Mikoto ends up saving them instead

Mind your words around Misaka Mikoto!!

While Mikoto tell them that the monster wont attack as long as they dont hurt it, they cant afford to leave it alone because it is on its way to a place not very kid friendly

What an inconvenient place to build an experimental nuclear energy facility

While Mikoto decides to go fight it once more, Uiharu tries to run to anti skill with the program so it can be played over the city, but the monster attacks at random and Uiharu was in the path of the blast

Indeed...maybe if they were in a coma...

Just when the monster was about to attack again, Mikoto decides that she has been ignored long enough

Almost makes it look easy

However with its constant regeneration, ever Mikoto starts getting frustrated

Make that a monster anime

Just when she let her guard down and was about to be crushed the level upper treatment is played through the whole academy city, and the monster starts to slow down and lose power, perfect chance for Mikoto

oh boy now she's serious

After the attack, she monster falls, but Kiyama warns her that it wont be destroyed unless you break its core hidden somewhere…after a small talk Mikoto strengthens her resolution and decides that its time to stop playing around. Upon her attack, the monster (who could use all the esper powers like Kiyama last episode) begins using the same kind of moves as her

I knew she wasnt but to think she held back THIS much O_o

The thoughts of the people who used level upper start to resound and while Mikoto finally understand how they felt being level 0s, decides to no longer waste time. At this point the OP song “Only my Railgun” starts playing in the background for added extra epicness

Using her Railgun....a 1 hit kill

After being impressed by the true powers of a level 5, Kiyama gets arrested and after being asked about the children, she says she will still try anything to save them.

Nice parting words

Right then Kuroko arrives and seeing Mikoto exhausted…she takes this opportunity

Its been a while since we had yuri moments here

back in the hospital, all the victims wake up, including our dear Saten-san

Glad to have you back

With this, the level upper arc ends. Next week looks extremely filler with it being a beach episode (mandatory in every anime it seems) so Im not expecting much other than lulz. After this should come the Imouto arc and finally the return of Accelerator!! I cant wait

You can find all the Railgun episodes for download and discussion at

To Aru Kagaku no Rail Gun Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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